Record of Agarest War Mariage – Kunka Honeymoon Walkthrough

Guide for Chapter 2 Honeymoon with Kunka as your wife.

Choices and Effects

Every day, you can pick 2 choices (1 of 3 each set, with 1 new option appearing after the first choice you made along with the 2 other options that you did not pick previously). At the end of each day you will be prompt to save.

Note that after Save 3 any choice you pick won’t affect anything except different short dialogues


I’m Hungry… | Rain Up
It’s a perfect day for laundry | Kunka Up
I should bathe and freshen up | Kunka Up

Oh, we have a package? | Both Up

—————————–Save 1—————————–

What’s that sound?! | Kunka Up
The sun’s almost out | Both Up
How about a picnic? | Rain Up

Kunka’s so fiesty | Both Up

—————————–Save 2—————————–

Kunka’s home! | Rain Up
How about a trip into town? | Rain Up
I wonder if she’s okay… | Kunka Up

Whoa! It’s pouring! | Both Up

—————————–Save 3—————————–

Let’s enjoy the trip
I’ll just take things slowly

Ask about Kunka’s life on the island
Ask about Kunka as a Maiden

—————————–Save 4—————————–

After this point the game the game will continue with the story. If you are on the True End path, you will get to choose the gender of your baby. The baby will inherit Kunka’s green eye color.

Created by Leonis

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