Red Dead Redemption 2 – Distance Traveled by Trolley (Train Dailies)

When it need of a train but there is none a trolley can save your life and gold.

The Way of The Trolley

You can complete Train daily challenges using a Trolley instead.

Why would you do it?

Because they are easier to find. Just follow this path in Saint Denis along the track and you will find one, especially in low populated lobbies. The only downside is that they sometimes stop to let people and wagons pass.

You can complete Distance Traveled on a Train daily, as well as Birds shot on a moving train (but it is really hard to see any birds from a trolley). Unfortunately, you cannot drive a trolley. The game sees trolleys as trains so any other dailies involving trains are possible with trolleys too.

Hope you enjoyed this little trick!

Created by ZER0_K%

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