Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Free Roam PvP in Low Populated Lobbies

Tired of Free Roam being empty without other players to PvP? Do not like to play Showdown modes that force you into a certain area, with specific goals, rules and a timer? Want to be able to PvP solo? Want to PvP on your own terms? Want to Free Roam PvP as it was possible before the Lobbies became broken by an update?

Well, then this guide is for you! It helps fix the bug that Rockstar created.

The How To

Note: Credit goes to ZER0_K%

Once the game starts go into Online and Select “Posse Up” as shown on the picture below.

Connection has become more stable since the lobbies become low populated/empty so the game will find you a player or a group of players in no time and it should not disconnect you if you’ve opened your ports.

When with a new posse immediately press H to call your horse as some players are riding somewhere fast so you don’t wanna be left far behind, press Tab or Open your items wheel and change your items (tonics etc) to whichever you want to be using for PvP. You have to set items every time you lobby change to join a new posse. Fill your dead eye with a tonic/gum. You also have to do this every new lobby.

When you are ready, press L, navigate to “Posse” and choose “Abandon Posse” as shown on a picture below. You can now start attacking other players.

Sometimes, during some missions you won’t be able to “Abandon Posse”. It will be grayed out as shown below. You will either need to complete the mission or fail it, to be able to leave posse prematurely.

I guess many people including me did not think of this way of finding others Free Roam players in broken lobbies until now. I’ve already had lots of fun PvP with this method.

Occasionally you will come up with people hanging inside Moonshine shack doing nothing, or people who will change lobbies fast. In this case you gotta do the guide all over again to find a new posse. Just do not forget to choose items and eat a dead eye tonic once in a new lobby.

Note: Since you can hardly ever find any players in Free Roam without using this method, high hostility and being reported to law now does nothing . Because no player is going to find and hunt you or attack you on sight if you just login in to play Free Roam by yourself. So you don’t have to be scared of Charged being Pressed anymore. Unless of course you want to be able to go Defensive Mode, in this case you have to maintain your hostility at least at medium level, so only kill players once they turn red.

Note: Be careful, when you join a posse your state is dictated by the posse leader, so if you join a defense mode posse and leave it you will leave it in defense mode and vice versa. So take note of that.

Well, good luck and most importantly have fun!

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