Red Dead Redemption 2 – Starting Epilogue with Left Over Moneh from Arthur

Guide tells you how to immediately get a few thousands bucks (assuming you didn’t spend it all, but there is really nothing to spend it all on) upon the start of Epilogue. I.E. How to Save Cash Arthur has Upon Dying.


This should be done during chapter 6, at the latest after mission “My Last Boy” (I suggest you save here), because once you start next pre-final mission “Our Best Selves” it will then transit into the final mission of the game without letting you go back into free roam. Thankfully, if you click on mission icon on world map it will display the mission name, or if you’ve already started you can press “L” and abandon it.

In order to save the moneh Arthur gained with blood and sweat and pass it onto John, you gotta stash it somewhere. But where? Evil Dutch wants to take it all away from you.

You gotta go here:

And meet these goodfellas.

You cannot be mean to them, if you walk away you can come back to them later. Just do not kill them or refuse their offers.

Inside, you gotta find the missus and ask her to serve food. Once the food is served, you must drink all drinks offered or this won’t work.

Then, you wake up in the ground, all moneh stolen from you. You can come back to the farm and kill them if you like but do not inspect the painting right after the door, because if you do you won’t be able to save moneh for John. You can only inspect it during the Epilogue.

You do not have to come back and kill them at all if you like. I just left them there and they were gone by the time of Epilogue (someone else must have taken care of them). Moneh was still present behind the painting.

Taking Back What’s Yours

Once the first mission of Epilogue is over you are free to roam as you please, except you cannot access General Shops, Gun Stores, and Tailor Stores during Part I of Epilogue while working on the farm (and possibly doctor too, I did not check) but you can access !STABLES!. Which I assume is the reason you are getting the cash.

Once you ride a little outside of the confines of the farm, use your campfire and fast travel to Rhodes. From Rhodes return to Pig farm. You do not even need guns to do this. You should be safe without any weapons but I still killed Lemoyne Raiders and took their guns on the way. You don’t need guns because there is nobody inside the house.

Enter the house through the front door and the painting should be right before you. The painting is shown on the picture.

Come up to it, inspect it and John will remove it, feel free to loot the moneh back.

At this point I suggest you Fast Travel to Blackwater and buy the best horse in the game that is only available via purchase during the Epilogue. The Rose Grey Bay Arabian, even better than Black Arabian. Rose Grey will set you behind for $1250 and it is really best to get it the earliest so it is leveled up faster (because otherwise, most people can get it after they’ve gotten Gang’s moneh after the end of Epilogue Part II, which is 2 chapters away from this). You should still have some left over cash after buying the horse.

Why Do This At All?

Like I mentioned, if you want to buy the best horse in the game during the first epilogue chapter when you have no money and you don’t want to wait 2 chapters.

This can also be helpful when you enter Epilogue Part II as all shops will become open again but you will have no cash to restock on tonics, ammo and other items, maybe buy new guns and clothes.

If you have Satchel of the East that means you can really buy lots of tonics and they gon cost a lot.

But all in all, this is just a shortcut for people who need a little cash and do not want to wait.

In Memory of Sir Arthur Dayne, The Sword of The Morning

Rest in pieces Artha…

But really, Micah did the guy a favor.

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