Reigns: Game of Thrones – Memento Mori / All the Deaths Achievement

Here’s the guide for the 29 deaths according to my experience.

More Wine !

Note: Credit goes to Pespline

This is the most difficult death to unlock.

You have to take Cersei and wait the Handmaiden for more wine (and no “no more wine”). This success is currently bugged. She should appears every 10 cards, which is not the case. Also, you should have the success before 5 “more wine” which was 8 for me (in 140 Moons…).

Daenarys’ Flight

Take Daenerys and choose to help Jon at the wall. It can also works with Mereen.

Arya’s Neck

With Arya : introduce yourself to Cersei then the Montain will stranggle you.

Rusty Throne

You just have to die during winter.

Walk of Shame

Lose all your faith.

Faceless Man

Accumulate the maximum of faith.

Wildfire Bath

Become too powerfull.

The Pole

Make your people too happy.


Lose all your power after surviving winter.

Kiss of the Lover

Spend the night with a woman from House Martell.

Forty Swords

Run our of money.

Lost Underground

When your people’s happiness run out.

Mad Revenge

As Cersei, play until Sandor Clegane kills the Montagne. Accept that the experiments are conducted, then after a few cards, The Mountain kill you.

Nine Ravens

After unlocking all nine characters, you will play Bran (as “Orgo Magnar”). Leave the wall when you hear someone calling you. You’ll find a white walker.

Twins Embrace

Play as Jaime. At the end of the trial of Cersei agree to take poison with her.

In the Melee

You have to loose a battle.

Sad Revenge

Play as Jaime. A Septa will ask you if you want to kill Bran. Say yes and Arya or Jon will ask you if you pushed Bran out of the tower. Say yes again then she or he will kill you.

Shadow Lands

Your master of whisperers ( it can be Varys) warns you about an assassination attempt against you. Wait a few moons and after your valet get killed by a manticore, Varys will lock you in a tower. Say yes to his proposition.

Then he will came to exil you to the Shadow Lands.

Butterfly Fever

Open a gift from the Isle of Naath. Your Handmaiden want to open it. Say no to open it yourself and you will die from the butterfly inside.


As a Lannister, open the cage you receive as a gift.

Bloody Throne

Play as Cersei, hit the bloody raven.

Broken Things

Lose a fight in the tavern or lose a tourney.

Silent Sister

Play as Sansa, wait until a card with a Septa saying : “Would you like to get away from all this?” and agree.

Dragon Hunger

Play as Jon Snow, don’t call Daenerys when you are facing Rhaegal.


Playing a queen (Daenerys, Cersei …), accept the refreshment of your Handmaiden.

Gendry’s Curse

Play as Gendry, ask Melissandre if she knows what you want. She will say “Delights of all kinds” and then say yes to die.

Tyrion’s Bliss

Play as Tyrion. Wait that a Handmaiden tell you about Shae and then you have to say that she is really attractive.

Far Away

Survive winter. Your Master of Whisperers will ask you if you want a simple life away from the Iron Throne. Say yes.


Play whoever you want and when you got a cut, refuse to let anyone treat it.

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