Remnant 2 – Annihilation Fight Tips

Annihilation Fight

If you have engima, use that to deal with the orbs, on phase two dont panic, the boss has a audio tell and a visual tell for when its about to follow up his swings, when the boss approaches with the sword in the ground dont dodge back, dodge forward, same for the shockwave.

The phase 2 wave attack can be dodged just by crouching behind the tentacles when they are slammed down or just dodging through them.

Attack and guard dog are useless for the fight so support dog is great for the free heal. I beat the fight with a +15 primary (I was using the starter hunter rifle cuz its great) and Engima (only +3 at the time), so while a maxed weapon is useful to reduce the fight time you dont need it, maxed barkskin, vigor and endurance are great to help stay alive.

But just persevere mate and dont panic.

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