Remnant: From the Ashes – Starting Archetypes (Classes)

Nothing really hard to understand, classes doesn’t matter at all, everything can be unlocked.



  • Starts with a hunting rifle and scrap sword.
  • Armor bonus: weakspot damage bonus.
  • Starting mod: hunter’s mark – mark enemies, see them through walls and increases crits chance.
  • Starting trait: shadow walker – reduces enemy aggro range.

Ex Cultist

  • Starts with a coachgun and a scrap hatchet.
  • Armor bonus: mod power regenerate faster on crits.
  • Starting mod: menders aura – cast an area effect heal, that restore health.
  • Starting trait: spirit – increases mod power generation.


  • Starts with a shotgun and a scrap hammer.
  • Armor bonus: damage boost at short distance.
  • Starting mod: hot shot – imbues your ammunition in fire giving a chance to set enemies on fire.
  • Starting trait: warrior – increases melee damage.


  • Keep in mind this is just starting gear.
  • Rigs is selling the other armor sets + guns.
  • And the grumpy girl next to him sells mods.
  • Traits can be unlocked later in the game.
  • Each classes starts with the same repeater pistol.
Created by PeepoHappy

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