Remnant: From the Ashes – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks


  • Last level of weapon/armour requires 1 simulacrum.
  • Weight affects stamina usage, the heavier you are the more stamina you use.
  • Traits caps at 20.
  • You could extinguish yourself by rolling. (Remember? Stop, Drop, Roll yes!) If you are in a safe spot, spamming the space bar button is faster as it reduces roll animation.
  • Liquid Escape can be used more than once.


  • Picking up the same weapon/fighting bosses that drop items might upgrade weapon (There is a cap limit).
  • Regular Weapons and Armour can be leveled to + 20.
  • Boss weapons caps at + 10.
  • Pressing the middle mouse button zooms on weapons with scope.


  • It is possible to steal the riccochet rifle before the blink thief steals it, effectively making you the blink thief. This can be done by equipping the blink mod to blink asap to the rifle to steal it! 
  • For the chicago typewriter, it is possible to still obtain the item without both liz alive. It can be done by just simply crouching , putting your back against the door and mashing the interact button. This way you would teleport inside!


  • You can get exactly 5 simulacrum per roll, one in each world.


  • If you decide to not give the undying king the heart/kill the king before he opens up the portal to corsus, you could still access corsus through the labyrinth. In the labybrinth heading straight leads to rhom, left leads to corsus while right is yaesha.


  • Dungeon Icons on mini map changes to solid from flashing after you enter them not completing them.
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