Remnant: From the Ashes – Ward Prime / Hidden Weapon Guide (Subject 2923 DLC)

So, after I started the DLC i went looking for new stuff all around the new area Ward Prime from the recently released Subject 2923 DLC and found something REALLY good.

How To and Reward

After I’d gone through all the tedious processes of turning on the main power at ward prime I found a side room not too far from the crystal that had 2 computers in them and what looked like a chess board with 1-5 black-white squares both up-down and left-right. There is a computer right behind you when you look at it as well and that is the one you need to use in correspondence with the chessboard.

There you will find that you can put in a password connected to the chess board and has a 6 digit code you need to enter. Do the following: when you look at the chessboard there are 3 letters that are not on the board itself, focus on those. I for example had I-C-U as the 3 main letters and connected them in an alphabetical order. For example, B is 12 and C is 13 etc.

So I had to put 24>>(I) 13>>(C) 51>>(U) in that order as the letters where in that order as well.

Less Cluttered Explanation

The board itself is numerical and alphabetically connected. A is 11 and B is 12 etc.

Since I got the letters I C U in tha order it would be as described below.

  • Letter: I = 24
  • Letter: C = 13
  • Letter: U = 51

End Result and Reward

The weapon you get as a reward is amazing. The machine pistol is way faster in terms of RoF compared to the SMG and has 3 more damage fully upgraded. That combined with the gunslinger charm and the stockpile ring and balance ring (15% increase in ranged and melee damage) is insane!

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