Remothered: Tormented Fathers – Tips and Tricks

Making Progress at all, using two Mirrors

Know what to do

It is pretty hard when you don’t know what to do. When wandering around without target it is very likely that you run into enemies and get killed. So if you are stuck you may want to check a walkthrough or something just to know where to go next. 

Try to unlock both main mirrors early

Unless this was done I was stuck in the upper floor, got killed and reset to the upper floor mirror all the time. This was so annoying. It is much easier if you have both save points open as the following puzzles make you pass one of them relatively often. 

To get both mirrors: First one will be available right after the main chapter when you are in the bedroom and the guy is walking around. To get the second one, you must go downstairs and then right hand around the corner. Go through the double door and follow the corridor till you find the mirror. You might then open the door in the main hall to create a shortcut way.

Use savegames to reset enemy

Save often (possible when having both mirrors), sometimes it is just easier to get killed and reload at the mirror because this usually resets the enemy into distance. Also in worst case when you are stalked over and over again, try to reach a mirror to save, even if you will be killed soon and then simply reload the saved game.

Reduce risk to be killed by Felton

Don’t be too afraid of the old man

It is possible to sneak pretty close to him unless he turns directly into your direction. I managed to hide near a chair, he passed right next to me and as soon as he went a bit further I could sneak away right behind his back. Hide and sneak is really helpful in this game.

Crouch to avoid attention and to hide when chased

When he sees you, run around the next corner(s) and try to crouch next to a furniture object like a column, table or chair. If he comes to you, you can even crouch around the furniture so that you might stay unseen. 

Use the wardrobe to escape

Hiding in the wardrobe in the staircase is pretty useful to get rid of any chaser. When an enemy saw you, run to the wardrobe and hide. If they were close you’ll need to take a keep-calm QTA, but it is likely to survive this. Just wait then in the wardrobe until the enemy went far away (music turns down).

Red Nun and other Enemies

Hear them coming

To get an idea where enemies are, listen to their voice, noise and the music which gets more intense when they come closer. Then again, crouch and hide around corners and watch them. 

Don’t run

Don’t run except you are attacked or if there is no enemy nearby (zero drama music) or if you walk on carpet (?).

Red Nun

Red Nun is much harder to beat than the guy as she will find you behind corners and furniture. Hiding in the staircase wardrobe however works well. To reduce the risk of her coming to you, sneak most time to move across the halls.

Various things

Auto-Close doors

Opening a door while just walking normally keeps the door open after passing it. But when you crouch to a door and open it, you will peak through the door before opening it and the door will be closed after you. 

Easy puzzle variant in Jennifers Room

When you take the recorder destroying the mirrors is difficult as you need to avoid the haunting. BUT you can destroy all mirrors without stress when you destroy them before taking the tape device. This more or less skips the whole moth battle. 

Some things are made to be based on luck

Unfortunately there are puzzles which you win or loose simply based on luck or timing. This is especially the case for fleeing Jennifer.

Towards the end there are a few auto save points and a few auto-respawn points. Unfortunately the respawn-points are not saved and you keep progress only within the same game session. Very frustrating game concept.

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