Resident Evil 4 – Advanced Combat Tips for The Mercenaries

I will teach you all you need to know to get high score in The Mercenaries. This mode is a lot of fun and it’s much deeper than it seems. With unique characters and maps you can create your own strategies for that maximum score!

Advanced Combat Tips

Welcome you to my advance combat tips for Resident Evil 4 – The Mercenaries. It’s obvious that killing enemies is the goal of this mode, but there’s more than meets the eye. Let’s begin!

Gather all the time capsules and look for The Chicken

At the start of every run, it’s very imporant to gather all time capsules and locate Mayhem capsules for later use. Remember about gathering resources during early game. While you explore the map keep your eyes open for the chicken. Kill it if you see it, and pick up an egg that it drops.

The egg alone will give you 50000 points, you won’t get the points if you don’t pick it up. Do it every run. Our goal is to get S plus plus and for that, we need 1000000 points. Free points from chicken can factor your score.

Keep your combo going

The best way for reaching high score in this mode, is to keep your combo going. You have 11 seconds between each kill before the combo timer stops. There is 150 enemies on every map plus one chicken. Keep your combo and chain kill enemies for maximum score. All remaining time will be converted into points, so the more time you have left the more points you will get at the end.

Optimize your route and focus on melee combat

Next tip is about optimizing your route. Every map has preset locations for time bonuses and mayhem capsules. The pattern is picked randomly every run but its finite set of possibilities, so you can memorize where everything is on the map and plan accordingly. Best players restart the run until they get a preset that suits them the best. When you kill enemies you gather points.

Depending on the way you kill the enemies the scoring is different. Simple body shots are worth much less than headshots and melee kills. Character like Krauser can benefit from melee kills much better than others since it suits his playstyle, also his knife is unbreakable so use it as much as you can. Melee kills are not equal either. Knife kills will give you plus 4 seconds to the timer. Regular melee attacks will give you less points and less bonus time.

Krauser’s Mayhem mode counts as melee kills and it’s very good for clearing waves of enemies. His Stinger attack can one shot multiple enemies at his path, but remember – Krauser can still die in mayhem mode. Other unique melee character is HUNK. His neck breaker can one shot elite enemies. All you have to do is stagger the enemy with headshots or a flashbang grenade. Overall melee kills are very important for ramping up your score and gathering bonus time so keep them in mind.

Manipulate ammo drops by discarding equipment

Enemies won’t drop ammo for weapons you don’t have in your inventory. Common strategy for Leon is to drop everything except his Stingray rifle so you can gather only rifle ammo, grenades and knives from enemies. That won’t change what you get from crates as the drop table is generated at the start of the run and can’t be changed with this tactic. It only works for drops from enemies.

Use your Mayhem mode in optimal way

Next tip is to learn how to use your Mayhem mode. Every character has unique trait called Mayhem Mode. Once activated you can prolong it with killing enemies. With Leon, aim for headshots during Mayhem for extra points. In Mayhem you deal more damage, have increased movement and reload speed. It works great in conjunction with his Stingray rifle and chain kills. For Luis, you can plant dynamite at your feet. You are invincible during that animation.

Luis can’t be hurt by his dynamite so you can plant one at your feet, shoot it for instant detonation and then you can proceed to plant another one and repeat the sequence. Great for killing elite enemies. How you use Mayhem Mode of your character is super important for your score and overall combat performance. Characters like Krauser or Hunk have very straightforward Mayhem modes but they are very powerful. Remember to kill as many enemies as you can during that mode.

Just keep trying

Last tip is to keep in mind that to achieve S plus plus you have to get 1 000 000 points. Your combo can break, you can make mistakes. Don’t worry and just keep trying. You will improve with every run, making that high score easier and easier to achieve. That’s all for this guide, good luck!

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