Resident Evil 4 – How to Save the Goodest of Boys

Where to find the bear-trapped wolf in the REmake 4. This guide is primarily for players of the original Resident Evil 4 who don’t want to miss freeing this good boy, because his location has changed from the Resident Evil 4 (2005).

Not in the Beginning (Chapter 1)

The location of the wolf stuck in a bear-trap is no longer in the area prior to the main village.

The dead wolf you see early on in the same area isn’t it. It won’t show up until very early level 3.

Good Boy Location (Chapter 3)

After the start of level 3 (having picked up The Illuminados Key), head out of the village chief’s house and you will hear a wolf/dog like sound: this is the stuck wolf NOT a dog enemy to the right on the trail leading to the back of the house.

Do not leave him trapped! He is a good boy and needs to free.

Created by Lordrangleic

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