Resident Evil 4 – How to Win Every Boss Easily

Stranger are ya tired of some bosses well i got the perfect weapon for you.

Del Lago

First boss is Del Lago is a pretty easy boss There is no good strategy on this but when it goes under the water you just wait for it to come and dodge to the right or left and when it has attacked after it you can throw the harpoons and damage it try to get 2 hits every time you can it’s gonna be a pretty fast one.

El Gigante

Now this boss is easy but harder than Del lago. i recommend that at the start of the game you go save the dog that is trapped on the bear trap because the dog is going to distract big gigante. shoot it when you can and when he kneels i don’t recommend shooting the las plagas (The thing that manipulates all things in this game) i recommend climbing on it and spamming that X or C button and then after 2 or 3 times you beat it.

Chief Mendez

Best way to kill it is stacking up incendiary grenades but in the second phase the easiest is to just shoot it many times and then he will eventually die.

Garrador (Mini Boss)

This guy is blind so you can walk (dont run like i did in my first walkthrough) in the fight and he will not hear you also the arena has 2 bells you can shoot them and they will make noise and then he will go and get stunned and then you shoot the las plagas on its back and then it dies after a little bit of shooting and trolling.


This boss can be killed easily but may take a while. the obvious strategy is to push the tanks down and then he will freeze which will allow him to take a lot of damage this boss is quite tanky but speed runners just shoot it with a rocket launcher while its freezed you can skip the boss fight if you wait long enough and then run into the elevator and you get past the boss!


This boss is super easy with magnum ammo so save it. in order to deal damage to this guy you need to shoot its eye and then after a few shots you can deal damage to Salazar the killer 7 or Broken butterfly but again the fastest way to kill it is to shoot it with a rocket launched while Salazar is exposed and boom it does in a single shot.


This boss is not that hard but a scary one. when you get into the arena you need to press red buttons twice to activate the red door and then move into the same area but more difficult obstacles and you need to shoot these green buttons to open some doors some are hid pretty well but always close to the closed door. when you are in the third stage the boss transforms and grows another way to hit you and i forgot to tell you how to dodge it’s attack when he has cornered you just go hug a wall and run past it it never even hit me in the first stage when i did it after you completed the third stage you go into the second stage of the boss fight where you actually have to fight it incendiary grenades and explosive barrels are really effective against this one. the boss arena has two doors you can close the door on him and troll him and while hes destroying the door you shoot it with either the Tmp or magnum weapon he can go underground too and to dodge its attack you have to press the classic dodge buttons and when you beat this one you can be happy.


In the first part of the fight you go and open the locked door and wait until the door has opened then go get the first 2 pieces it shouldn’t be hard and when you go in the roof where the 2nd piece is you need to fight him to get the third piece and when the fight starts you should shoot his legs when hes shielding and stagger him stay close to him and then when hes stunned/staggered you knife him and you can maybe even stunlock him if you knife him when he starts the standing up animation and when you complete the fight get out of there as fast as you can!

Osmund Saddler

When the boss starts it goes into a steroid pumped las plagas massive 4 legged monster. When the fight starts shoot the eyes of the legs and when you shot that eye it get staggered and then you shoot the head/big eye and take advantage of your surroundings like the crane that you can hit the boss with and then shoot its big eye thing beware it has a swinging las plagas thing on its back so you cant just walk under him. after you have dealed enough damage you get a rocket launcher out of nowhere and then you shoot him boom game over. ez trolling.

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