Resident Evil Resistance – Sam Guide (How to Play)

You probably think this guy is useless, he’s not. Here’s why and how.

Sam Guide

Sam has a few really big strengths that if taken advantage of make him fill a really useful niche.

  • He’s fast. He has higher base speed than most of the other characters.
  • He’s strong without needing much in the way of items, just running in with the plank you start with is enough.
  • Once you unlock the alternate perks on his main skills, he has so much passive healing that you don’t need to bother much buying or picking up healing.
  • His dash gives him both extra mobility and a way to stun enemies.

What does this all mean? Sam is perfect for just rushing objectives solo.

Do This

For equipment:

  • Get Shoulder Pads 3.
  • Get USB Drive 3.
  • Get Baton.
  • Get whatever you want with whatever points you have left. Good picks are speed boost, melee damage, health, shoulder pads 2, USB Drive 2.

Make sure you have Immortal on his Fever Skill and Recover on his Dash, get Blunt Force on Brawler.

Shoulder pads and Baton is to make sure you don’t get bogged down by locked doors, speed is part of what makes this build so strong. An MM tries to lock you down in a room but you just leave before he gets a chance to shoot you, possess a zombie and grab you or have the NPCs combo you.

Hacking is to make objective doing quicker in general, but also to steal computers right under the nose of zombies and the MM’s guns.

The melee damage is useful in general, but it makes killing the bio cores much quicker and taking out the security zombie quicker, which are both essential.

What’s the basic idea? Just rush and do the objectives by yourself. Run ahead of your team and take advantage of your healing to stay alive. If a zombie gets in the way, dash into them to stun them and get free heals, then run past them. If you get low but there’s no zombies nearby, pop your fever skill and keep moving. If you have no skills up and no zombies to dash into, pop a green herb. If your team goes left, you go right. Only link up with your team when there’s only one objective that can be done or you’re getting bullied by the MM’s guns and can’t complete an objective solo. If William or Mr X is chasing your team, ditch your team and do the objectives.

Why does this work? Sam is good at staying alive, he’s fast and he has a built in way to deal with zombies that get in the way. The Mastermind can only focus on one thing at a time. If he focuses on you, that gives your team time to do the objectives while you give the MM the runaround. If the MM focuses on your team, you blitz the objectives while he’s distracted. This strategy is all about keeping the pressure on the MM, making it so that he literally cannot ignore you or you do the objectives right under his nose.


The moment the game starts just run out of the gate and start heading for the objectives. You need to know where the objects can spawn for stage 1 to find them quickly. Don’t buy anything in the shop, don’t waste any time, be careful you don’t stand on traps. Just rush and grab the puzzle pieces as fast as you can. Any doors that get in the way should open in one or two bashes easily (that’s even if the MM has had time to lock them), any zombies that get in the way dash into them to stun them and run past them. Grab the pieces and return them. Don’t worry about getting bit taking risks, the time you save going quick will make up for it and you’ll make health back just bashing zombies as you go. Just melee any traps you can’t circumnavigate, being blown up doesn’t matter because you’ll get health back from dashing into enemies, just don’t step in a bear trap and you’re good. Before heading to stage 2, consider hitting up the shop and buying one yellow herb and some nades. Molotovs and frags are ideal but flashes are fine. You don’t need grenades but they’re useful for stage 2. Make sure you put the yellow herb on a quick slot as well as the nades. Grab any green herbs and repair kits along the way. If you need blue herbs grab one or two.

In Stage 2, once again just immediately rush for the security guard, don’t hit up the shop. Don’t give the MM time to set up shop. Look for the security guard and the moment you find him pop a yellow herb and toss the damage dealing nades, if he isn’t dead yet melee him until he is and then rush for the computers and hack them. You should be able to do this quickly and move on to stage 3. If the MM has filled a room with a bunch of enemies, flash or frag them and quickly hack the computer. You should have time to get a computer hacked before the enemies recover, usually at least. If there’s just one zombie in the way you can dash into him and hack the computer before he recovers from the stun. Before you exit stage 2, drop your plank.

The moment stage 3 starts buy a sledgehammer, make sure you have at least 3 repair kits, 2-3 yellow herbs, maybe a green herb or two and dump the rest of your money into grenades. Be as quick as possible. Then just rush out, find the bio cores, pop a yellow and start hitting them with the sledge. Throw a nade to clear or stun any enemies out of the way. Don’t be afraid to tank a hit or two if it’ll let you keep moving or hitting. If the MM is too slow to respond to you, you’ll being taking cores out left and right. If he does respond to you, you’ll either still take the cores out anyway or make good progress on taking them out before you go down. If all goes well, you take out all the cores super quick and win.

The only real barrier to this strategy is if the mastermind focuses you down well and your team sit around twiddling their thumbs. The strength of this build is the mastermind loses if he ignores you and he loses if he focuses on you but your team does the objectives while his attention is on you. Usually, the only time you lose is if you’re against a smart mastermind with a not so smart (or new to the game) team. If the MM locks you down by putting all his attention on you but your team takes 5 minutes to leave the starting room, well… you were probably going to lose no matter what character or build you went with.

A smart attentive Mastermind can still wreck you, but doing so comes at the cost of focusing his attention on you, which is good for your team. Be careful of MMs who put zombies behind doors that grab you the moment you bust through so that they can shoot you with their guns. This is probably the most dangerous strategy this build faces. Also the goo trap will kill you. If you get goo’d then shot, you’re dead. But this applies to any character or build.

Some bonus tips: Yellow herbs make you tankier and can help you survive being locked down. You can spam the the dash so long as you don’t hit an enemy and you move quicker than running this way.

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