Resident Evil Revelations 2 – How to Use Motion Controls

Learn how to use Motion Controls in Resident Evil Revelations 2 using your PlayStation or Switch controller.

Why Use Motion Controls?

Note: Credit goes to Snowy

Motion controls let you aim almost as well with a gamepad as on a mouse while retaining the comfort and flexibility of a gamepad. These are gyroscopic aiming profiles for Resident Evil Revelations 2 intended to allow easy access to gyro aiming while still letting you control the game as usual.

Similar gyro aiming has been used as a supplementary and/or optional aiming mode in games on the Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and PC, with examples such as Fortnite, Breath of the Wild, Warframe, The Last of Us Part 2, Splatoon, as well as too many other Nintendo Switch games to list.

These profiles use Steam to run without any additional software, so the Steam client and the controller you want to use should be on when you click the link you want. These profiles are made for the PlayStation 5 DualSense and the Switch Pro Controller but have been tested to work well with the Playstation 4 DualShock 4 controller. Simply accept the warning dialogue to convert to your controller after confirming compatibility in the descriptions below.

Each link opens in the Steam client and the configuration is then displayed for you to accept or reject. The same interface used to display the profile can be used to clear any of these profiles and go back to default.


To use any the following motion control profiles, have Steam running and the controller connected and do either of the following of the following:

  • Navigate to the community controller layouts for the game in Steam, such as by right clicking the game and selecting controller layout from the menu, and select the config of the same name.
  • Copy paste the link into any browser, and confirm that you wish to open the link in Steam.

If you are using a compatible controller other than the main controller listed for the profile you must then accept Steam’s warning about converting configurations between controller types.

Gyroaim on Right Touchpad

Emulates default “Control Type A”. Touch RPad to enable gyro look and swap all controls to keyboard and mouse. Move the right joystick to swap all controls to gamepad standards. Click RPad to evade. Change Dash(Hold) key to Shift, under Ready Sub-Weapon remove Shift while keeping middle-mouse, change Walk(Hold) to V.

DualSense profile (copy and paste into a browser):

  • steam://controllerconfig/287290/2835557804

(Fully compatible: PS5, PS4)

If you prefer trigger activated aim use the profile below, which has been tested to also work well with this controller.

Gyroaim on Left Trigger and Bumper

Emulates default “Control Type A”. Change Dash(Hold) key to Shift, in Ready Sub-Weapon remove Shift and keep middle-mouse, change Walk(Hold) to V. Pressing the Capture button toggles to standard gamepad controls.

Switch Pro Controller profile (copy and paste into a browser): 

  • steam://controllerconfig/287290/283238042

(Fully compatible: Switch Pro, PS5, PS4)


Using the touchpad is uncomfortable or makes controls difficult:

Try using the LTrigger profile instead of the DualSense one. While the touchpad activation scheme should work well with most adult hands on controllers with touchpads, many will not find this comfortable on standard PlayStation controllers, and multiple functions may become difficult to properly reach at the same time.

The camera drifts in one direction:

Some controllers will calibrate their gyroscopic sensor when placed on a flat horizontal surface for a few seconds. Others may need to have their gyroscopic sensor calibrated in Steam.

Motion control camera moves too quickly or too slowly sometimes:

This may be due to mouse acceleration or mouse smoothing effects. Disable mouse acceleration in Windows by going to Mouse Properties – Pointer Options tab – untick “Enhance pointer precision”. Disable mouse smoothing in game under Main Menu – Options – Controls – Keyboard and Mouse – Mouse Smoothing.

Camera movements are choppy or rough:

PS4 controllers may experience poor gyroscopic sensor performance while wireless. While the controller is switched off, plug it into the computer so that it starts up in wired mode.

The game displays unhelpful keyboard and mouse prompts, or raid mode menus are not working correctly:

You can remedy these issues by pushing the right stick in any direction to swap all prompts to Xbox standard until the gyro is used again. Also make sure you are using the keybinds described for the profiles but that mouse and keyboard binds are otherwise set to default.

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