Resident Evil Village – How to Survive the Village Attack on Hardcore and VoS Difficulty

This is a easy guide to surviving the Lycan atack on hardcore and Village of Shadows difficulty.

How to Survive the Village Attack

First Step

First run to this house to start the Lycan atack. Before you go in, there is a crate you can open. Most of the time it has a herb that you can use to craft a healing item. If you are hurt make sure to heal before starting

Once inside the house just barricade the door, loot the house and shoot any lycan that wants to bang at the door. That way you will max out the time you can spent in that first house before you have to move on. This is important because we need to survive 4 min. Thats why we want to spent as much time in the first house as possible.

The first house has no big windows so the only way they can get in is through the door. Save at least two pistol bullets and when they get into the house knife the flour bag and jump down the basement. In the basement wait for the lycans to jump after you and than run to the next house.

Second and Last Tip

From the basement rush to the second house on the hill and get inside. Close off the door and again make sure to spent as much time inside as you can. Make sure you shoot the lycans that are trying to break the door and window. Make sure you save one or two bullets for explosive barrels that will help you kill or slow the lycans down.

At that point the big daddy lycan should join in. If he does appear take the ladder to the roof. While it’s more exposed, you can see the lycans coming and prepare to defend yourself. When they start to overwhelm you here (usually when there’s 2-3 right by you), jump off the roof.

Once you jump off run to the left near the red gate and explosive barrel. Kill as many lycans with the barrel as you can and than rush to the house with the radio and shove the dresser in front of the door. At that point go all out and shoot whatever lycan gets close.

On VoS its about 4.30 min, on hardcore its 3 min i think. Anyway its all about maxing out the time and balancing healing. Sometimes the RNG is just bad and you will get hit by a lycan that will block your way.

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