Resistance is Fruitile – Gameplay Tips

Gameplay Tips

  • Make sure you are taking advantage of Phase Dash! While moving, press Spacebar (for KBM) or Left Bumper (on controller) and you will initiate the dash. While dashing, you are invulnerable, allowing you to move through enemies or bullets without taking damage!
  • Also always be laying down your MineTurret (Right Bumper on controller, Right-Click on mouse). It fires at enemies to provide additional DPS and will blow up when enemies get too close; just make sure to re-deploy it if you enter a new room or it blows up!
  • If you have only tried one of either the bride or the groom, try the other: maybe the other fits your playstyle better!
  • Your Power Meter charges as you deal damage to enemies (except those that endlessly spawn from Fruit Bowls) – time your use of Super / Heal wisely.
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