Retrocycles – Color Changing

Color Changing

Note: Credit goes to MenToz ytb

In this guide you will learn how to change colors of your bike, but also change the color of your name. Everything will happen in the console of the game so you will need to bind a key to open the console or just press this key ” ² ” to open it.

Color of Bike

Follow these steps to change your bike color:

Step 1: Open console

Open the console during a game (either local or online).

Step 2: Choose a basic color

We will take the color blue for an example. So write this in the console:

  • color_r_1 0
  • color_g_1 0
  • color_b_1 15

As you may have seen the game works with RGB colors. So what we have done here is set the COLOR of “r” and of “Player 1” at 0. This means that your bike won’t have any Red . We have done the same to the color “g” Green which we have set at 0. Then to finish we’ve put the color “b” Blue at 15 to make the bike blue.

Step 3: Add two colors to the bike

Here we’re going to add a second color to bike, which means that the bike won’t have the same color as the trail left behind

  • color_r_1 0
  • color_g_1 0
  • color_b_1 16

Here we have set the bike color to Black , and the trail of the bike to Blue . For each color you take, if you want to have a bike color Black , you need to put 16 in RGB color tag.

Step 4: 3 color bike

Now we’re going to have a 1 color bike color and a 2 color trail.

  • color_r_1 15
  • color_g_1 16
  • color_b_1 30

This will make your bike have a light blue color. The trail will be purple-ish and white/yellow color.

This is all for the color changing for the bike. You can of course create and test by your own some colors.

Color of Name

Follow these steps to change your name color:

Step 1: Open console

Open the console during a game (either local or online)

Step 2: Color name

For this step, take a blue colored bike and trail. When you will be playing your name will appear in blue. In this case my name is MenToz so i’ll do it with my name.

Write in the console: player_1 0xff1111MenToz

With this my name has turned red and my bike color has stayed blue.

Step 3: Multiple colors in name

Now we will get a step ahead and have multiple colors in the name

Write in the console: player_1 0xff1111Men0x11ff11Toz

This made my first 3 letters Men in red and Toz in pink

This is all you need to know to change color of your name. You can test much more colors and try them.

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope it helped you in your color changing.

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