Returnal – Guide to Secrets

Returnal secrets guide gives you the inside scoop on every secret ending, cheat, hidden code, helpful glitch, and even exploits that have been discovered so far!

How to Unlock the Secret Ending

Returnal’s secret ending can only be unlocked by starting over with a new run. You can then start collecting the six Sunface Fragments.

These are strewn about Returnal’s world in random places, so you may have to die and restart several times to collect them all. Each Sunface Fragment is a one-time use item.

Return to the 20th century house to complete the sixth and final haunted house sequence once you’ve earned all six Sunface Fragments. You pick up the square cube next to the telescope by the window at the top of the stairs in this one. Then you descend into the basement and interact with the wheelchair.

You’ll get the car keys here, which you’ll need to get into the car you saw after defeating Ophion the first time. You’ll have to replay the entire game and beat Ophion a second time, this time going straight to the car rather than passing it. Unlock the car with the key and watch the very last cutscene play.

Given how abstract it is and how little closure it provides, it’s difficult to tell if this is the true Returnal ending or not. Instead, the true ending is likely to be left up to interpretation, and the two endings are merely two different pieces of the same puzzle.

How to Save Scrum and Load Suspended Saves

Players were finally given a method to suspend their game, turn off their PS5, and return to that suspended point as part of Returnal’s 2.0 update. However, some astute players have figured out how to take advantage of this suspension feature and turn it into a full-fledged save point.

The steps to take advantage of this feature are surprisingly easy to follow. The complete step-by-step procedure for saving scrum and using the PS5’s suspend feature can be found below.

  1. Start by suspending your save in-game.
  2. Once suspended, upload your save to the Cloud.
  3. Upon dying, download your save from the Cloud.
  4. Load the save, and you’ll find yourself back at your suspension point.
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