Reus 2 – Ultimate Guide to Basics

Basic Guide


One of the three Biotica types. Khiton or Jangwa can make them. Animals usually give Food or Gold.


Makes the Draft options and comes with cohorts. They are very powerful Biotica. An Apex always costs Biodiversity to place. Some increase the cost for later placements if one exists. Completing Turning Points and Eras unlocks more Apex.


A key resource for placing strong Biotica. Each Biome has its own Bio pool. Placing new Biotica is the most common way to get Bio. You gain Bio equal to the Biotica’s tier. Symbioses can sometimes give extra Bio. Apex Biotica and some cohorts need Bio to be placed. Negative Bio makes extra Biotica go dormant until Bio is positive. They provide no gains while asleep. Completing Eras with enough total Bio in several Biomes gives extra Draft and Micro Charges, plus bonus score.


There are 6 Biomes total, 3 unlocked during progression. Forest, Ocean, Desert, Rainforest, Taiga, Savanna. Giants have a main and secondary Biome. Patches can hold one Biome at a time. Replacing it removes unsuited Biotica. Biotica can only be placed on Patches with a Biome. The type determines what Biotica is available. Continuous Patches of the same Biome count as one Biome.


The core of planets, most gameplay revolves around Biotica. It costs Eon to place or replace one. They are sorted by Biome, with a few exceptions. You can only place Biotica in a matching Biome Patch. Each Biome has starter Biotica. More are obtained by Drafting Apex with cohort Biotica. There are 3 tiers, higher tiers are stronger but need Upgraded Slots. The first placed Biotica of a type gives Biodiversity equal to its tier. It keeps the Bio as long as one exists. The main way to provide resources, often with Symbioses for better yield.


Define a City’s limits and what belongs to it. City expands based on Era, Borders size, Empty Slots, and Biotica outside. Borders only expand on unclaimed Patches. Border Charges can be bought in the Planet Shop to force expansion.


A City leader focused on Science and Food from Plants. Has Projects for Plants and Trees. Spirit ability: Plants get +15% Food and Science for each Distinct Tag. Mystery Gain: +4 Food, +4 Science.


Created by settling a Nomad. First is always the chosen Spirit, then pick between 2 leaders. Can’t settle too close to each other. City and Projects only care about what’s inside Borders, except Trade Routes. Starts with 2 claimed Patches, expands as things progress. Biotica in Borders provide resources for growth. Leaders have different goals, Mystery yields, and Projects. Cities have rewarding requests as they grow. Growth points provide Emblems, Inventions, and Trade Routes.


Terraform option for Plants Giants. Placed on one Patch, gives +50% Food, Science, Gold, and +1 Bio to Plants. Can’t combine with Ocean or another Terraform.


Special Ocean Patches. Appears when Ocean is bigger than 4 Patches. Any Patch beyond the first two on each side becomes Deep. Some Ocean Biotica can only be placed in Deep Patches.


Atlas is main Giant, Jangwa is secondary. Main yield is Gold. Focuses on Minerals and Gems. Symbioses involve Empty Slots and rejecting specific types.


A City leader who wants Prosperity for all. Has Projects for all types.

  • Spirit ability: Apex get +2 Primary yield per completed City request level.
  • Mystery Gain: +1 Food, +1 Science, +1 Gold.


A Taiga mechanic. Some Symbioses count Distance to the nearest City. Each Patch to the City and Lost Biotica add 1 to Distance. 3 Distance means 2 Patches and any Lost Biotica between Bioticum and City.


Keyword meaning only one Biotica of a type counts for a Symbiose/condition. A Symbiose wanting 2 Distinct Plants won’t accept 2 Carrots. It needs 1 Carrot and 1 other different Plant.


Pick from 3-4 Apex of a chosen Biome, also get Cohorts. Biome rank system: Each Draft increases rank by 1 and max rank partly. Can’t pick a Biome if current max rank isn’t higher than its rank. Higher max rank needs an extra Draft each time. Draft Charges can be bought or rewarded. Horizon Draft starts with 3 prepicked Draft, burning some future Charges.


Act as extra Micro, placed in the same Slots. More powerful but with conditions to fulfill. 3 tiers with different effects per leader. Only from Population growth, one at a time with rising tiers. First needs 5 Population, increases by 5 more gradually.


No Biotica in the Slot for it to count as Empty. A Symbiose can make a Bioticum seen as Empty to others.


Key resource, 5 to place new Biotica, 1 to replace. Running out triggers the end of the current Era. Can be bought in Planet Shop. Placing 2nd and 3rd City increases total available Eon.


Planets have a prologue and 3 Eras. Each Era starts with a Turning Point choice to set goals. Get Eon for the Era, place Biotica to meet the goals. New Era boosts Borders expansion. At 0 Eon, Era is ready to end but can still do actions except Eon costs. Can buy Eon to extend the Era. Era end calculates score from Prosperity and Bio bonus, gives rewards, moves to next. Projects become Legacy. After final Era, score is calculated. Each Turning Point star (max 9) unlocks a random Apex. Later, remaining unlocks come from doing more planets with enough stars.


Expands planet size by picking the middle of two Patches. Inside Borders adds 2 claimed Patches. Outside adds 4 unclaimed Patches. 5 can be bought in Planet Shop.


Some Symbioses can infinitely loop together. (Extra) Symbioses ignore yield from other Extra Symbioses.

Example: Tree Symbiose giving Food per adjacent Science, Curiosity (Extra) Symbiose ignores that to avoid infinite growth.


One of the three primary resources. Mainly from Animals and Plants. Increases Population in a City.


Satari is main Giant, Khiton is secondary. Main yield is Food. Focuses on balance and Fruit. Symbioses involve different types.


Your arms and legs, 6 total, max 3 on a planet at once. 3 categories, one per Biotica type: Plants, Animals, Minerals. Each has a Biotica type it can make and a Terraform ability. Each has a signature Micro, main Biome, and secondary Biome past prologue.

  • Satari: Forest.
  • Reginald: Swamp.
  • Khiton: Ocean.
  • Jangwa: Savanna.
  • Aegir: Frost.
  • Atlas: Rock.


A City leader who wants all the Gold. Has Projects for Cats, Animals, Minerals.

  • Spirit ability: Biotica in City get +50% Food, Science, Gold.
  • Mystery Gain: +5 Gold, +2 Food.


One of the three primary resources. Mainly from Animals and Minerals. Increases Wealth in a City.


A City leader who wants Food and some Gold. Has Projects for Animals and Fish.

  • Spirit ability: Herbivores get +100% Food if exactly 2 of that Bioticum in Biome.
  • Mystery Gain: +5 Food.


A City leader always seeking Science. Has Projects for Minerals, Trees, Medicinal.

  • Spirit ability: Biotica with base Science get +40% Science if unique in Biome.
  • Mystery Gain: +3 Science.


Projects become Legacy at end of Era, Biotica when Patch Upgraded. Total yield is saved as flat Legacy yield. Can’t interact with Symbioses but ignores past conditions. Archived but keeps the value it provided. Some Symbioses feed from Legacy Biotica, the only interaction.


A City leader who needs enough Gold. Has Projects for Minerals, Ocean, Gems.

  • Spirit ability: Gems get +10 Gold, +1 Bio if unique in Biome.
  • Mystery Gain: +8 Gold.


Creates 3 random Micro and a signature one from the Giant. Removes unused non-Emblem ones from that Giant. Used on Biotica for extra gains. Each Biotica has 1 Micro Slot by default, some increase it. Ranges from flat resource to conditional boosts. Can be very powerful. Micro Charges can be bought or rewarded.


A City leader who wants Science from Minerals and some Gold. Has Projects for Minerals, Metal, Gems.

  • Spirit ability: Minerals get +5 Science, +1 Gold per Distinct Element in Borders.
  • Mystery Gain: +5 Science, +2 Gold.


One of the three Biotica types. Made by Aegir or Atlas. Generally yield Gold or Science.


Terraform option for Minerals Giants. Placed on three Patches, adds a top Row with 1 Slot each. Can’t combine with Ocean or another Terraform.


Benefits City leaders differently. Mainly from Ocean Biotica. Gives extra primary resources.


Lets you settle a new City, pick between 2 leaders. First is always the selected Spirit. 2 can be bought in Planet Shop. First request of a City rewards a Nomad Charge, twice only.


Khiton is main Giant, Aegir is secondary. Main yield is All and Mystery. Focuses on Animals and Fish. Symbioses involve Deep and Shallow.


Each planet is made of Patches. Each Patch has a top and bottom Row with a Slot each. Default is barren, can take a Biome to accept Biotica. Mountain adds a third top Row for three Patches. Expansion creates additional Patches.

Pirate Queen

A City leader who loves the sea, Gold, and some Food. Has Projects for Ocean, Animals, Predators.

  • Spirit ability: Biotica get +50% Gold and Mystery if next to Fish or Predator.
  • Mystery Gain: +5 Gold, +2 Food, +2 Science.

Planet Shop

Spend growth points earned on the planet. Spending here doesn’t impact Prosperity or City.

Buy essential things, cost increases per purchase:

  • +5 Eon: Bought with 4 Population, 6 Technology, or 6 Wealth. Scales by +2/3/3 then scales so high you can’t afford it after several purchases(around 7-8).
  • Draft Charge: Bought with 10 Population, 10 Technology, or 10 Wealth. Scales by +10 up to 40.
  • Nomad Charge: Bought with 10 Population. Only 2 available, the second one costing 25 Population.
  • Expansion Charge: Bought with 5 Population. Only 5 available, scales by +5 up to 30.
  • Micro Charge: Bought with 5 Technology. Scales by +2, adding +1 to the scaling each purchase.
  • Border Charge: Bought with 5 Technology. Doesn’t scale, yay.
  • Terraform Charge: Bought with 5 Wealth. Scales by +10 up to 35.
  • Upgrade Charge: Bought with 10 Wealth. Scales by +5 up to 25.


One of the three Biotica types. Made by Satari or Reginald. Generally yield Food and Science.


One of the three growth points. Raised by Food, 20 per point. Amount needed increases every 5 points, 100 max. Gives Emblems and increases Prosperity score. Can be spent in Planet Shop without loss. Nomad and Expansion Charges need Population.

Power Node

Randomly on Slots, revealed in City Borders. Various types, each boosts yield of Biotica in that Slot. Upgrading removes old and may create new Power Nodes. Biotica on Power Nodes have priority for new Invention.

  • Plant/Animal/Mineral: +50% Primary yield for that Biotica type.
  • Food/Science/Gold: +50% yield for that resource.
  • Primary: +50% Primary yield.


Only Food, Science, Gold, not total yield. Secondary resources like Bio, Mystery, Rugged unaffected by Primary boosts.


Backbone of City growth, along with requests. 3-4 Project options per leader. Some common, some unique. Specific Biotica conditions to fulfill for chunk of resources. Era change turns all Projects to Legacy state. Many Turning Points add special Projects.


The main score. Need a lot for stars. Often 500 needed to end Era 3. Completing City requests is a major source. Also from growth points in Cities and Inventions. Each point of Population, Technology, Wealth grants 1 Prosperity.


Reginald is main Giant, Satari is secondary. Main yield is Science. Focuses on Plants and Trees. Symbioses involve Biodiversity.


2 Slot Rows per Patch, top and bottom. Mainly a Savanna mechanic. Row must connect to same Biome Patches to be valid. Mountain adds a third top Row.


A Taiga mechanic and resource. Interacts with Symbioses, changes in various ways. Predators and Minerals each increase it by 2. Biotica with base Food decrease it by 1. Can also be obtained through yield or Micro.


A City leader focused on Food for healthy population. Has Projects for Plants, Animals, Ocean.

  • Spirit ability: Plants get +20 Food.
  • Mystery Gain: +3 Science, +5 Food.


Terraform option for Animals Giants. Placed on one Patch, doubles Micro Slots. Non-Emblem Micro is placed twice. Can’t combine with Ocean or another Terraform.


Jangwa is main Giant, Reginald is secondary. Main yield is Food and Gold. Focuses on Animals and Undergrowth. Symbioses involve Rows and Biotica sets.


One of the three primary resources. Mainly from Minerals and Plants. Increases Technology in a City.


Special Ocean Patches. Appears when Ocean borders other Biomes. First two Patches on each side are Shallow. Some Ocean Biotica can only be placed in Shallow Patches.


Where Biotica are placed to yield resources in City Borders. Mountain adds more Slots. Default Slots only accept Tier 1 Biotica. Upgrading the Patch increases the Slot tier. Chance for a Power Node.


Selected when creating a planet. Provides a global boost and sets first City leader.

Options: Botanist, Diplomat, Goddess, Huntress, Inventor, Merchant, Miner, Pirate Queen, Sage.


Main way for Biotica and Projects to interact. Has conditions and yields when fulfilled. Can have multiple Symbioses, some without conditions. Very flexible, case-by-case. Involves adjacency, type, or Tags. Key to getting enough yield for growth.


Useless alone, but Projects and Symbioses can benefit. Some Symbioses and Micro can add Tags to a Biotica.


Aegir is main Giant, Atlas is secondary. Main yield is Science and Gold. Focuses on Animals, Minerals, Titans. Symbioses involve Distance from City and Rugged.


One of the three growth points. Raised by Science, 20 per point. Amount needed increases every 5 points, 100 max. Allows Inventions and increases Prosperity score. Can be spent in Planet Shop without loss. Micro and Border Charges need Technology.


Creates unique terrain features. Can’t combine with Ocean or another Terraform. Plants: Creek. Animals: Sanctuary. Minerals: Mountain. Can be bought in Planet Shop.

Trade Routes

Depends on having Inventions in Cities. Looks for Inventions in other Cities not Traded to current City. Sends delegation to bring it back. Slot stays open until fulfilled. Traded Invention provides yield to both Cities in Trade Route. Can only be Traded once, but copy allows other Cities to Trade again. First needs 5 Wealth, increases by 5 gradually.

Turning Point

Era start gives a Turning Point choice. Provides goals, end of Era rewards based on results. Some have rules and bonuses while in effect. Calm ones always available, others have conditions. Later Eras have different, harder Turning Points.


Upgrades Patches, turns existing Biotica to Legacy. Removes Booster Nodes and Biotica on Patch. Makes Slots able to have higher tier Biotica. Rerolls chance for Booster Node. Only in Era 2 and 3, matches Slot tier to Era. Era 2: Tier 1 to 2. Era 3: Tier 1-2 to 3. Can be bought in Planet Shop. City requests reward Upgrade Charges.


One of the three growth points. Raised by Gold, 20 per point. Amount needed increases every 5 points, 100 max. Allows Trade Routes and increases Prosperity score. Can be spent in Planet Shop without loss. Terraform and Upgrade Charges need Wealth.

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