REVO – Beginners Guide (How to Survive)

This is a REVO Survival Guide. If arcade games are not your strength or if games are new to you in general, this guide could probably help you out a lot. Perhaps maybe it will even help some more advanced players too, who knows? If you are struggling give this a read.

Survival of the Fittest

Hopefully this guide will be insightful.

The key thing to staying alive to the bitter end in REVO is to keep moving!

If you are not moving you are dead. Don’t stop for more than a split second at a time. You have to move around if you are going to dodge bullet hell. Second to that for the most part enemies don’t damage you when you pass through them, so take full advantage of that!

Ammo is a limited resource so any time you can conserve it, it is best to do so. Practice being efficient with your ammo consumption. Although on Normal mode you might not have to worry about ammo as much on Hard mode you definitely do and being conservative with it will pay off. Don’t get in the habit of spraying ammo in every direction like it’s limitless because when you do play in Hard Mode later you will find yourself trying to break out of that habit and it will be hard change after you have become accustom to it.

Killing smaller enemies first can save your life when bigger enemies are around. if you focus too much on the big guys you can lose track of what the little guys are doing, so doing a quick sweep of the smaller stuff is a very good idea in some situations.

Asteroids can be extremely dangerous to you if you break them while close by. On the other hand when they break they give you a large burst of Tech Points which are very useful to get lives back, So I do recommend breaking them all and taking full advantage of them whenever you can because they can keep your stock up ships right up at 3 in the more crucial parts of the game when you need those extra ships. Sometimes enemies will appear on top of asteroids which can be very problematic if you try to attack them and blow up the asteroid in the process since it can destroy you at point blank when it bursts. So it’s best to try and sweep up that asteroid from afar before moving in for the kill on those other enemies.

The disc shaped enemies with two horns on top that you must hit to deal damage are best killed using the “Diamonds Maneuver” (Shown to the left) This move made popular by D14M0ND5, requires you to fly straight in between the horns and blast your sideways guns into both horns at the same time. While pulling this off it is best to make sure there are no other enemies that can shoot at you in the meantime because this does require you to stop in one place for a moment, which as mentioned earlier is not a good way to stay alive in most cases.

Why use 1 forward gun if you can use 2 at once? Your Sniper shots pack a punch especially the advanced version! Take advantage of this while firing your forward burst guns at the same time. 2 guns at once will spray a ton of damage in a forward direction.

Personal advice for when you get stuck; Analyze why you are stuck, what are you doing wrong, what can you do differently. Try new tactics and see if you can press on. Sometimes dodging gunfire and avoiding enemies can be better than attacking them straight on. Sometimes taking a break and coming back to it is good too. Sometimes when I get stuck in REVO I go back to Stage 1 and play back up to the stage I am stuck on and sometimes this helps me press on.

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