RimWorld – Beginners Tips

Tips for New Players

The main three things you need for survival early on are food, shelter, and security.

Plant some rice, some cotton, and some healroot. These cover the basic needs of simple meals, clothing, and medicine.

Build a hut for storage and to sleep in, just something to get your pawns and items in out of the elements. Wood is fine to start with, but you should replace all of your structures with stone for….. reasons. You may also think of laying some concrete flooring 2-3 tiles wide around your base as a fire break.

Craft some traps, weapons, and armor for your pawns. Wooden spike traps are cheap, cost effective, and may save your colony at some point. Later you can add automated turrets or construct a killbox if you desire. A perimeter wall (made out of stone) works to keep out fire and animals, somewhat.

Any armor is better than no armor. While platemail may be the first armor tech it’s surprisingly effective even through late game, it’s just slow. Maces are a solid weapon choice for melee if you’re mass producing them – they penetrate armor (and mechanoids) pretty well. You can scale up and switch out as you get better armor/implants.

Once you have a merry little band of well armed murder hobos that can keep themselves…. mostly alive without emergency orders from you (aka, berry harvesting or fighting off hungry cobras) you can start to expand into the more complicated aspects of the game.

The most time sensitive aspects boil down to “can I research the ability to make components before I run out on this map?”. Just remember to get at least one pawn focused on researching… sometime within the first two years and you should be ok. Just get food, shelter, and a sharp stick to defend your food and shelter first.

Don’t stress, you’re allowed to make tons of mistakes without it crippling you in any way. The game attempts to ramp alongside you, so if someone dies or something horrible goes wrong, difficulty generally will drop accordingly. Your storage caught on fire and all of your stockpiles were lost? That sucks a lot! Also raids are going to be like 1/3rd the size while you get back on your feet.

  1. Most important skills to grab: Shooting or Melee. Everyone else can train it as they go, but having someone with it at the start is huge. Someone with medical will also help So Much because injuries will happen.
  2. Don’t worry about traits. Negative traits like Pyromaniac and Gourmand are actually great for new players. These constant “breaks” are easy to manage and result in Huge cathartic buffs to their mood, which can help get them through tough times and even give them inspiration buffs.

Traits like Chemical Interest and Teetotaller are kind of bad though, as colonists with them have to be played around. It sucks really badly when a colonist decides to snort a bunch of Yayo that you were making to sell, gives themselves permanent kidney damage, and has a heart attack.

Any positives are just nice little boons. I really like chefs/crafters with Hard Worker or Industrious, and dedicated haulers with Fast Walker or Jogger.

  1. You want dedicated haulers/cleaners. These seem like jobs that can be ignored but everything rapidly falls apart without people dedicated to these positions.
  2. Keep everything small and close together, especially at the start. Crafting stations should have stockpiles right beside them. Fields should be next to your food storage. Time spent walking is unproductive.
  3. Most rooms can afford to not have floors right away, except for your hospital and kitchen. Your kitchen and hospital should be fully floored asap and kept spotless. Infections and food poisoning are no joke.

Good luck!

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