Rise of the Tomb Raider – Expeditions / Card Exploit

How to get most of the Expedition Cards in under 15 minutes, (main game needs to be completed).


Start opening packs after 100% the main game, various things you do in the game give you credits and gift card packs. By the time you have 100% of the game, you will have around ~260,000 credits and 24 gift packs.

I started opening packs after I completed the main game and the Gold Score Attack, which granted me over 350,000 credits and I didn´t have to sell cards until I started seeing black cards only.

The card system in this game is pretty basic, you can only have 3 or 4 copies of a (non-foil) card in your deck at any time. As soon as you have 3-4 of a specific card it will be removed from the card pool and your chances of receiving rare cards goes up. So what we are going to do is get our deck full of bronze and silver cards first, then full of gold cards, then full of blue cards, and at the end we will only receive black cards.

Always have at least 20-25,000 credits, selling cards is only necessary if you are close to 25,000 credits, otherwise keep buying bronze packs

  1. Only open bronze packs for 5000 credits. The other packs are expensive and don´t give you as much cards.
  2. As you open bronze packs, sell off all the gold and blue cards you come across. DON’T sell any of the silver or bronze. You want to eliminate these cards from the card pool.
  3. Eventually you will be opening packs with five gold cards, keep an eye on your credits, when close to 25,000 credits start selling 3 cards and keeping 2. If you get a blue card sell one gold card and the blue card.
  4. When you start noticing you get the same gold cards you sold, stop selling the cards and eventually all cards will be blue.
  5. Once all your cards are blue, sell 2 and keep 3 to keep your credits up. Repeat until you start seeing black cards.
  6. Soon after all the blue cards are out of the pool, you’ll be getting all black cards and are nearly done.
  7. You will buy at least 5 packs of full black cards until you receive the inventory full message.

That´s it, you will now have most useful cards in your deck for the achievements.

Created by xVTx Tori

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