Risen – FPS, Climbing Issues, Mouse Sentivity and Aspect Ratio Fix

A fix to correct some issues like screen resolution, FPS limiter to correct climbing bug and also an option to decrease mouse sensitivity.


This guide intends to share a small fix that can solve some issues while playing Risen. This fix can be found in the next link and was originally shared by KonradAr.

Fortunately, there is an installer that allows the player to install the desired features amongst several options given.

FPS Limiter

It limits the FPS preventing some bugs like the character disappearing while climbing on ledges or stumbling in the air from happening.

The value of the FPS is based on the refreshing rate of your monitor following the next formula:

  • 60Hz: 60 FPS.
  • 75Hz: 75 FPS.
  • 120Hz: 60 HPS.
  • 144Hz: 72 FPS.
  • 165Hz: 82 FPS.
  • 180Hz: 90 FPS.
  • 240Hz: 80 FPS.
  • 360Hz: 90 FPS.

Default Screen Resolution

It allows the game to detect the screen resolution of your monitor by default instead of having to configure it manually each time the game is run or having to edit the configuration files of the games in the installation root.

Aspect Ratio Fix

It changes the aspect ratio of the loading screen images of the game giving an improved panoramic view.

The images over 4:3 change to 16:9 view and those images over 18:9 change to a 21:9 view.

Mouse Sensitivity

It sets the value of “SensitivityX” “SensitivityY” from “0.5f” and “0.5f” to “-0.3f” and “0.1f” that can be found in the root: “…\Risen\data\ini\ConfigDefault.xml”.

Helpful for all those that think that the default sensitivity of the game is too high and cannot change it in the menu options.

F5 Key for Quicksave

It rebinds the default quicksave key from F8 to F5, like used in many modern games.

I hope this installer solve some or your issues without having to edit the configuration files from the installation root. And thanks again to KonradAr and the moddb community to give us such a helpful program.

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