Risk of Rain 2 – How to Literally Destroy the Final Boss

How to win at game and defeat final bhoss like third wife after bottle of booze.

Guide to Defeat the Final Boss

The Start

The start is a troublesome and hard task, that being said, pressing the start button is very hard, you might want to brace yourself for the instant failure of your heart.

The Actual Start

Actually getting into the game is another gruesome task, you have to choose the difficulty and your favorite character in which case you’ll only have two because your a noob and are using this guide to get better. So once you managed to choose a character and difficulty, click play and hell will surely be upon you.

The End

Now that you got into the game and are probably playing alone you sad loner, now you can endure absolute hell as your body will be torn to shreds over and over and over again by the most bs things that this game has to offer. Congrats!

Created by Wilson Gaming

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