Risk of Rain 2 – How to Stretch and Change Resolution

In this guide, ill show you how you can change your in-game resolution to whatever you want and how to later stretch this resolution to fit your entire screen. Never seen any mention of what I’m about to show you so that’s why I am making this guide.

Guide to Stretch and Change Resolution

But Why

Why change and stretch your resolution? There are many benefits to doing this, first of all if Your computer can’t keep up with all of the particles flying around on Your screen, lowering your resolution will have a massive impact on Your fps. However sometimes changing your resolution results in ”black bars” appearing at the sides of Your screen, stretching Your resolution will get rid of these black bars. Also many claim that allegedly its easier to aim at things with a stretched resolution, since everything looks bigger. Here is a preview of some resolutions:

1366×768 (my monitors native resolution)

800×600 unstretched

800×600 stretched (edited, may not look the same in-game)

How to Change Resolution

If You’ve ever went down to Your risk of rain 2 video settings You may have noticed that You cannot change Your resolution, and if You can, there aren’t many options. To set a custom resolution:

Open up steam > go to Your library > select Risk of rain 2 > click on the gear icon > manage > browse local files > open the Risk of Rain 2_Data folder > open the Config folder > open the config.cfg file using notepad or other text editing software.

You’re gonna see a bunch of text, but the line were looking for is resolution, You can replace the 2 numbers show in the image below to Your hearts desire, however if you want a fps boost without compromising too much quality You can change these numbers to either to 800×600 or 1024×768.

After changing these values:

Save the changes made to Your .cfg file > close the .cfg file > right click Your .cfg file > properties > check the ”read only” box.

If You’re not playing on Your grandpas square monitor, You’re gonna have black bars on the sides of Your screen, You can fix this by stretching Your resolution.

How to Stretch Resolution

Step 1

First things first You need to have Your game run in true fullscreen, in Risk of rain 2 the ”fullscreen” setting doesn’t actually make Your game fullscreen, its actually border-less windowed since You cant stretch a resolution unless You’re in fullscreen we are gonna have to change that.

Open steam > go to Your library > select Risk of Rain 2 > click on the gear icon > properties > general

Below You’ll see launch options, with a space You can type stuff in, type ”-window-mode exclusive” into this space (without the parenthesis), to launch the game in true fullscreen.

Step 2

Now to actually tell the game to stretch the resolution, depending on Your CPU, these steps are going to be different, I have an Intel CPU therefore I am going to show You the way to do this step with an Intel processor, however there are many guides explaining this step with Nvidia and (probably) AMD processors, so look those up. Now:

  • Go to Your desktop > right click Your desktop > Graphics properties > Display

Go to the scaling section at the bottom and check 2 check boxes: ”Scale full screen” and ”Override Application Settings”. It should look like this:

Step 3

Unfortunately this is going to be a step you’re gonna have to do every time You wish to play Risk of Rain 2 on a stretched resolution.

  • Go to Your desktop > right click > display settings

Look for the ”Display resolution” section, change the resolution to be the same with the resolution You selected in Your config.cfg file, after doing so click ”keep changes” on the popup. Now, as soon as You launch the game you should have a glorious, stretched resolution with hopefully no black bars.

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