Risk of Rain 2 – Mercenary Solo Run Guide

An in depth guide on a build for commando that I’ve curated for getting past level 20.

Purpose Of This Guide

This build was originally made for getting past level 20 with no lunar items, to unlock commando’s alternate special. Now this guide is an all around commando build guide, enjoy.A Short Note On EquipmentThere are a few valid equipment choices, such as the Royal Capacitor, Disposable Missile Launcher , Preon Accumulator and Gnarled Woodsprite.

I highly recommend the Royal Capacitor for this build, Its short cooldown is need to proc Warhorn and build up attack speed via Predatory Instincts.


  • 10x Tougher Times
  • 9x Lens-Maker’s Glasses
  • 2-5x Backup Magazine
  • 1x Gasoline
  • 1x Tri Tip Dagger
  • 2-4x Goat Hooves
  • X-Xx Repulsion Armor Plates (Get as many as you can after you have everything else here)

Tougher Times is a hard item to name how many is enough to have, However 10 Tougher Times gives a 60% chance to dodge. 9 Lens-Maker’s Glasses gives a 90% chance to crit. The remaining 10% will be gained via Predatory Instincts and Harvesters Scythe. If you’re using Phase round get 2 Backup Magazines. If you’re using Phase Blast (As you should be) grab 5. Gasoline is needed to proc Death Mark. just 1 is enough. Only 1 Tri Tip Dagger is needed. 1 Dagger has a 15% chance to proc (+15% per stack) and it’s only used to proc Death Mark. Goat Hooves are a personal preference, 2-4 will work well. I personally Prefer to play with 7 Goat Hooves. After you have all the above whites you should start putting most, if not all, of your whites into Repulsion Armor Plates for the -5 damage.


  • 4x Harvester’s Scythe
  • 5x Predatory Instincts
  • 1x War Horn
  • 7x Guillotine
  • 2-5x Fuel Cell
  • 1x Berzerker’s Pauldron
  • 1-2x Runald’s Band
  • 1-2x Kjaro’s Band
  • 1x ChronoBauble
  • 2x Death Mark
  • 5x ATG
  • 1-4x Ukulele

Harvester’s Scythes will be the main source of healing for this build. Predatory Instincts is what is used instead of Soldier’s Syringes. War Horn is used with any short cooldown equipment to provide a boost of attack speed in order to reach max Predatory Instincts charge faster. Seven Guillotines is the cap before their effect starts diminishing beyond use.

I personally get two Fuel Cells to Help with high health enemies, however if you want to constantly get the +70% attack speed from the War Horn you’ll need 5. Berzerker’s Pauldron is a nice movement speed increase and attack speed increase. you only need 1, any more only adds time to the effect. Runald’s Band is a large DPS increase, it’s also necessary to proc Death Mark. Kjaro’s Band is a large DPS increase only. ChronoBauble is only needed for Death mark Death Mark is a huge overall DPS boost when you’re focusing high health targets. ATGs are a DPS boosts.

Ukuleles are a good item that can cause substantial damage in crowds, get at least one.


  • 1-3x Ceremonial Dagger
  • 1x Brilliant Behemoth
  • 1x 57 Leaf Clover
  • 1x Aegis
  • 1x BrainStalks
  • 1x Shattering Justice

Ceremonial Daggers are one of the most powerful red items, it may be necessary later in a run to pick up more to increase their damage. Brilliant Behemoth is a 60% Damage increase, only get 1. The 57 Leaf Clover will make all your items proc more often (Except for Tougher Times). It makes a HUGE DPS boost. Aegis will double your health bar in combat when combined with Harvester’s Scythes. BrainStalks enable you to melt enemies after killing an elite, target elites next to bosses in order to spamfire Phase Blast or Suppressive Fire. (BrainStalks+Behemoth+Suppressive Fire=FlameThrower ;3) Shattering Justice enables you to do more damage but also makes Death Mark much easier to proc.

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