Risk of Rain 2 – Unlock Captain Guide

Unlocking the Captain in Risk of rain 2.

How to Unlock the Captain

The Captain

The captain rocks a shotgun and has the ability to call down orbital strikes or healing drones depending on what is chosen in the loadout. The Captain released when the game went out of early access with the new ending.

Sky Meadow

To get the ball rolling you must first make it to stage five or ‘Sky meadows.’

Continue the stage normally but look for a special type of teleporter that will take you towards the moon.

The Moon

Once you activated the teleporter in Sky meadows you will arrive on the moon.

It’s very dark so just head up the stairs and follow the path.

The Run

Simply ignore the enemies and keep following the path that will take awhile to traverse.

At the end is a jump pad that will take you towards the boss.

Mithrix King of Nothing

Stage #1

Mithrix will appear and challenge you, his first stage is pretty easy just dodge the hammer slams and jump over the shock waves.

Stage #2

Once Mithrix’s health bar is down he’ll vanish and send in his goons you must kill them all.

Watch out for the flying lazers.

Stage #3

Stage three he goes a super charged stage one and will try and insta down you will a floor move.

You should keep your distance and keep an eye on the enemies he will spawn.

Stage #4

Mithrix will steal the players items and use them against you. He’ll drop them over time with damage delt to him. Once his health is down it’s over.


A timer will go off and you must return to the portal at the start of the moon level.

Missles will rain down so dodge them.

Some Tips

  • Keep your distance.
  • Stock up on healing items.
  • Use shaped glass in stage 4 and he’ll absorb it.
  • Take out the flying enemies first.
  • Use ranged if possible.
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