Risk of Rain Returns – Detailed Item Descriptions

Here’s a language file that replaces the pickup text with the descriptions from the item log so you have more infos about the items you pickup.

Making Item Descriptions Better

Would you like your item descriptions to tell you what exactly they do, like this?

Well, it’s quite easy, with just a language mod.

Introducing: Detailed Item Descriptions!

Once the file is downloaded, the install process is quite simple:

  • Navigate to your Risk of Rain Returns folder.
  • Go inside of the language folder.
  • Exract the content of the zip so that the “detaileditemdescriptions” folder is next to the other languages.
  • Boot the game.
  • On the top-right of the main menu, click on the little flag to change the language (right bumper on controller).
  • Select “English (Detailed Item Descriptions)”.
  • Profit.

Should the game make any update that changes the language files, I’ll try to update this in a timely manner.

Hopefully we end up getting mods that do that automatically.

I recommend playing at 1x UI scale with this enabled, as higher UI scale might cause the text to overflow in some situations. I’ve implemented many line breaks in item descriptions to mitigate the issue, but I cannot guarantee I’ve eliminated it.

Created by Tiny Plume

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