Roblox – How to Escape the Depths in Deepwoken

If you want to return from the land of the dead, you’ll need to know how to escape or get out of the Depths in Deepwoken. It’s your one chance to resurrect; if you don’t make it out of the Deepwoken Depths, your entire character will be erased. That is not something you want to happen. So, let’s see how we can get out of the Depths in Deepwoken.

How to Get Out of The Depths in Deepwoken

There are two things you must perform in Deepwoken to get out of or escape the Depths. The “legit” passage out of the Depths in Deepwoken is the first option. You’ll have to circumnavigate the Drowned City.

So, first identify the city’s massive walls in the distance and go to them, then find the gates and saunter in. Following that, you must ring a bell in each of the districts.

You’ll be alright if you just listen for the buzzing noise they make. After you’ve rung all of the bells, proceed to the central tower and take the elevator all the way to the top. You’ll be back among the living once you’ve completed the trial (if appropriate).

If you really want to be super-proper about it, the second way to escape or get out of the Depths in Deepwoken is more “cheaty.” Still, if it works, why not try it? Simply climb to the top of one of the city’s taller buildings near the wall when you arrive.

You can then get to the top of the wall with an accurate enough jump. You can then cautiously traverse across it to the central tower and descend; just be careful not to alarm the guards, as this will allow an angel to swoop in and slay you.

Rough Map of the City of the Drowned

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Scuffed Map

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