Robolife2-Nova Duty – Android Sports Festival 3

How to Beat D*ck Boss

Don’t go into the fight until you equip your BEST parts. So grind money first, then research the best parts, then get colored attack chips that complement the existing attack colors that your parts bring to the fight. Like, bring 2 green chips if your parts don’t supply those, etc.

There’s no time limit in this game, so you can grind money to your hearts content. (Thinking on it now, this is the only storyline branch WITH a time limit, so it might be best to go to an earlier save and grind money to research the best available parts and some chips to complement them.)

Also, when fighting, always make sure to look at what his attack is next, since attacking him with the same color twice cancels his attack, although some attacks only need one to be countered.

Created by Melfix

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