Rocket League – Ghost Hunt Mode (How It Works)

How It Works

So lets start with the ball itself. The more the ball gets hit before touching the ground, the more it will remain its “colored” status. For example, if the ball gets hit by 2 blue players, it can touch the ground once and still remain its direction and velocity, after the second touch, it will got back to its white color and start floating. Every time, the ball changes colors (was hit by a player of the other team), this resets. 

The rules about “touching the ground” comes from dropshot, so rolling is a way to move the ball while it touches the ground the whole time.

Now lets talk about the Streams. Every player gets his stream after 7 seconds. Attached to the ball, the ball changes to the players color, and he is in “control” over the ball, which mean, he can move freely and the ball will try to move in front of the players car. After 7 seconds, the stream will end and the ball will go back into his white, floating form after touching the ground. When the Stream breaks, the ball will remain his direction and velocity he got from the player.

But what about 2 players attach the streams, is your question? well, if the ball gets streams from opposite teams, the ball will float inbetween them and the color will turn white. Whoever now exits the range of the stream, will break it, when his opponent is moving slower. You can break the stream of the opposite team by touching the ball. So if 2 players got the ball attached, try to remain still and wait for your team to break the stream of the opponent (or the enemy got impatient and breaks it on its own). 

2 streams of one team are stronger than 1 stream of the other team, so the ball will remain the color of the team with more streams, meaning, they are still in control and can move freely. The rules about breaking the streams on your own will still work the same way, if the players of the same team will get too far apart, so sync up your movements.

Now about defending the goal. The goal is not a dice, its a box, meaning, some sides are shorter than others (the distance of the middle is shortest towards the original goal and the midfield spot). The goal reaches about 2/5 to the ceiling. So defending from the sides is kinda hard and requires a lot of speed, same with kicking it up into the air. Once the ball enters the box, he slowly floats towards the center of the box. No streams can be attached while its in the box. After roughly 5 seconds, the ball explodes and the score is made.

If someone got his stream attached to the ball and races towards your goal, attach your own stream to it and remain still, that will most likely break the oppenents stream and gives you control over the ball. If the opponents notices it fast enough, he can also remain still and wait for his teammates to free the ball (or attach a second stream to it, to regain control and free movement). It also can help if you see, that your mate holds the ball in place, to ram the opponent, to make him “move faster”, when your boost is too empty to reach the ball midair).

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