Rogue Lords – How to Beat Chapter 6 / First Book

Tips for Chapter 6 of First Book

With each play you improve. The first chapters are easy but later if you haven´t build your character correctly you will perish. I think skills are the most important thing, after that artifact, souls and talents in that order.

I have beaten the demo a couple of times and what I did was first try to build terror to increase skills quality, after that I priorice skills.

Triples are you best friend, you will get two upgraded skills for them. Thats why I tend to keep to copies of the same skills if the are of the same rarity.

Terror effects are your second best friend. Try to aim for what you are looking for. Try to plan your route in advance.

Some artifacts are extremely powerful, in one run I grab one that let me keep all skills offered for a couple of times, next was a sacrice of skills. I sacrifice my only one legenedary skills and taddaaaa I keep al three that were offered.

Remember the roles, every character can do everything but in general Dracula is a supporter, Horsemen is a tank and Bloody Mary is a dps. I have finished a run with Dracula with a morale dps build but that is difficult to assemble.

You need to learn who to kill without being touched, Bloody Mary and Horseman can reduce opponents attacks and each character has some kind of sustain or defensive abilities.

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  1. Bloody Mary is OP with mirror. Whether you go SP with “Seven Years of Bad Luck” or HP with skills like “Mirror Blade”, she can take care of most fights herself. I even soloed Caleb with her (but to be fair I got a helluva lot of relics and great upgrades for her).

    And I forget the name but the max level skill that can ultimately reduce and enemy’s attack by 6 makes them laughable.

    Certain tips can help you save a lot of devil essence as well. For example, if an enemy is going to hit you for 16×2 damage and you have 17 hp, there’s no need to heal up. I find reducing an enemy to vulnerable, shifting status effects, and map manipulation to be the best effects. I never use essence for refilling a charge and rarely for events unless I think it’s going to give me a relic (usually denoted by difficulty level hard).

    Lastly…fanatics are trash enemies. That elite fight has to be the most annoying followed by Polaris twins if your skills aren’t good.

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