Rogue Lords – How to Beat Final Boss / Book 6

Book 6 / Final Boss Tips

Note: Credit goes to Pipmalice

I did it with Lilith/white lady/bloody mary.

I went to get a ton of health through the relic that gives +20/+20 hp/sp but sets your max escence to 30 and then hitting up a lot of events.

Builds do a ton of damage without doing many attacks tend to be the plan with some way of healing. Hell’s brasero does a ton specially (specially combined with a white lady ) (and you’re going to be limited in amount of attacks anyways).

White lady feels like a must in the fight as she both has great healing or a strong sp damage that ignores all the bosses passives.

It is worth noting the sp damage still gets reduced, i finished her off with my bloody mary doing the , attack once/depleted skill for about 500 damage , and just tanked all the sp damage i got with 100 max sp + wall.

You generally want scaling attack of some kind so a relic like warhorn is worth a lot.

Besides that have a lot of skills so you can still attack in every situation.

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  1. Have alot of Devil Essence or prebuff some op dps char with wall+that SP regen lilith skill or some other char with wall+sp leech. Or just some HP bloody mary with op damage skills that don’t debuff and do 1 hit + mirror, or any other char with same stuff. Alot of things should be viable.

    Stacked White Lady should do a job too, with alot of mask damage since it doesn’t proc any of those conditions.

    And those “silver” damage reduction debuffs don’t proc status ailments iirc, like lilith combo skill with -6dmg, white lady 3sp skill with -12 dmg, bloody mary -6dmg one and so on.

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