Rogue Lords – Tips for Party Build / Good Skill

Party Build / Good Skill

  • 1) Focus only 1 type of damage, example HP damage for full party of SP damage.
  • 2) Mary deal extreme single target damage especially after cast mirror on a target.
  • 3) Dracula buff Mary + mirror combo can deal huge tons single target HP damage.
  • 4) Headless starting skills are overly defensive. Get offensive skill on him ASAP
  • 5) Choose candidate for even wisely. But focus more on what trait they will get. Example +3 physical damage on Mary? GO for it even you need sacrifice essence.
  • 6) Calculate the networth of each buff/debuff. Then migrate them to enemy or to your allies.


The reason why many newer players struggle with the game, is that they don’t realise how important it is to keep your TERROR LVL up, if your terror level is too low, the game is infinitely harder. It effects what cards you get you also get free stuff each level.

Rush to terror lvl 3 and get purple skills to fill out your bars and then keep leveling it higher. The idea is to get your terror as high as possible to get cards of higher quality.

You also want to do all the early elites, as they give you the most power for little effort, doing elites late as opposed to early is a big mistake, you want to do them early and if your party can deal with fanatic keep doing them.

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  1. The first book is practically purpose made to make a new player lose a couple (dozen) times before allowing you to proceed. This way, you will be getting some levels and unlocks by essentially grinding the first map (even if not intentionally).

    Skill synergy is bonkers important, even the (broken OP) characters that are unlocked later (Lilith, Samedi) can’t do everything by themselves. In your lair, go to the portraits and take a look at skills of your roster – find those synergies, plan a strategy and, when on the map, look for those skills.

    Dracula is a deceptively strong character. His problem is that all three of his starting skills are trash. Make a priority of replacing them, go for the altars.

    Debuffs are super important. Depression and Zombie can win you fights that seemed unwinnable.

    Ability to remove debuffs from yourself is equally as important.

    Find a way to scale damage throughout the fight. Vampiric Dominance, Warhorn, etc.

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