Rolling Line – All Hotkeys

Shows all ingame hotkeys (found from code so should be all of them).

F1-6 Keys

  • F1 – Enable or disable “Snap to Angle”
  • F2 – Switch between all snapping modes
  • F3 – Toggles “Fast scaling”
  • F4 – Enable or disable Snap to surface
  • F5 – Quick save
  • F6 – Switch day to night and vise versa

Common Keys

  • Tab – Switch Large mode to Miniature and vise versa
  • Space – Teleport
  • Delete or R – Delete object (in hand or placed)
  • Q/E or Arrow keys left and right – Changes train speed
  • H – Opens help
  • Left or right shift – Make go speed or speeds up mouse wheel actions
  • Left or right control – Changes overall player speed
  • Escape or middle mouse – Go to menu

Uncommon Keys

  • I – Hides HUD
  • T – Spray
  • C – Camera Mode
  • Ctrl + C or Shift + C – Last camera mode camera

Unknown Keys

  • F – Teleports player into active locomotive (mini mode)
  • Insert – Toggles cursor lock (can be very helpful)
  • M – Camera smoothing
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