Roundabout – How to Get Money Fast

Quick Guide to Generate Cash

The Meat

During the game you’ll be looking to save quite a bit of money but keeping the multiplier up can be a pain and grinding out money can be difficult as multipliers don’t appear outside missions.

This will give you a consistent way to make 75-100 dollars every minute or two.

On the second Island (The City Level) meeting the skeleton during the “Take pills” mission in the bottom left corner you’ll be given the water driving ability. Run through the racetrack and when asked to run people over on the beach, instead of finishing the level. Move up and down the beach grabbing the 2x multiplier coins and hitting pedestrians. There are very few obstacles, a lot of open spaces and you should be able to get your multiplier up to 35x easily and consistently once you develop a pattern of moving.

Crashing will remove cash earned as well, so once you hit 30-35x multiplier, wait for timer to run out.

Below is the most efficient route, pedestrians will spawn along the path. Just follow it back and forth.

Created by SACPH4N70M

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