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Hello, this guide focuses on the build and gameplay aspects of Morgan, it assumes you already read his abilities hovering over them with the mouse inside the game. If you didn’t please do that before reading the guide so you understand the character better.


Note: Credit goes to Dopamine

His runes should be full defensive ones (the ones that in the early green form give +6 defense and +6 magic defense) This is cause the other runes are pretty underwhelming compared to the defense ones, if you factor the total health of the champions the health rune is just a tiny % of it, compared to that the defense ones give a lot of defense.

The main focus of these runes is to allow Morgan to survive battles longer so he is able to regen life with his Q. This way you can deal much more damage compared to a magical damage rune build.

The order of building is the same as the picture.

You start with all Green and then you upgrade to all blue, then to all purple, this is cause the cost of each upgrade increases but the bonus is static with each upgrade. This means that it’s always better to have 5 Green Runes over maximizing each rune individually.

In other words after getting all Green you start increasing to all blue and then when you have 5 blue ones you start upgrading to purple, this is the best way to maximize resources on runes.


Accessories are a important part of the build that compliments His playstyle.

You have different options here, to craft accessories you need wood.

Rune statue: It increases your Max HP and it’s a really solid combo with the defense runes, pick it if you are new to Morgan since it’s gonna increase your survive ability a lot, contrary to Runes, the accessory only takes one slot and it gives +500 hp at purple level, so it’s a good pick in a “slot / power” perspective.

Voodoo Doll: It gives Magical penetration, pick it if you don’t have any Tank killer in your team (Example of tank killer, Dps characters, best example is Cheff, he has flat physical penetration that combined with a corrosion card makes you melt enemies)

Mana Crystal: Gives more magical damage power and mana. If you ever want to try pure magic damage Morgan you could try to get this, but overall he already gets a lot of it from his items.

Jagged Acessory: It’s actually a universal good pick cause of the movement speed, it allows you to escape from fights more easily and it also helps with your magic scaling (from your passive) auto attacks, use it if you want to have more ults since they scale heavily with the auto attacks you make to enemy champions.


His cards need to be the following one.

Gale: Yes, gale, your passive scales your auto attack damage by 40% of your magical damage with each hit, this means that overall you are gonna make a lot more damage with fast attacks compared with other damage runes. It also makes you charge your ult faster. (very important for fights, you can use neutral monsters to charge your ult and then use it on enemy teams)

Mystic: The reduced CD is very important and allows you to regen more life using your Q. Increasing your sustain.

Comeback: The primary card of Morgan, it gives him more defense and also it regens his HP every 10 seconds when you get hit by any CC (they try to kite Morgan a lot so you are gonna get activate this a lot of times)


His default recommended items are the best for him, they are a combination of health, defense and magic defense and some health.

Take in mind that each time you auto pick up items the game usually replaces Vandal in the card slots, so even if you auto pick everything it’s good to know.


Q:Your main ability is your Q for damage and also HP regen. Prioritize using the empowered Q only on this ability if you don’t have to peel for your team mates or initiate a fight.

W: You use empowered W only to initiate or peel for your allies, it allows your allies to reach you while the enemies are stunned and also it’s useful for them when a enemy wants to kill your backline.

The E is used for both movement speed (to initiate or chase) and also for Empowering abilities, remember to use it to position yourself easier on the team fights.

Your role is the one of a front line, initiator and CC bruiser. Focus on peel if you have a strong ADC or damage dealer in your team, if you don’t (yet, until they get the items they need) focus on getting to their damage dealer and killing them.


1) Your E doesn’t have a time limit for the use, this means that you can use the E even if you are not in a battle, so in the next battle you fight you will have 2 empowered abilities to launch at the start. (One you already had from the previous E and then one you have after the E you use starting the fight.

2) Usually the best empowered ability to use is the Q, use it over the biggest quantity of enemies you can, the more you hit the more you are healed, it also hits 2 times per enemy so you will heal a lot and also deal a good amount of damage.

3) You are the initiator, the difference between your team losing or winning is based around if the enemies engage on your team or if they engage of you (since you can regen most of the damage) keep that in mind.


Your main damage is magic one so totems don’t work for you, get some rolling logs of wood for stun and peel (useful for your team) movement speed scrolls and also shield defense ones that you are gonna use a lot to start fights. Other than that give the rest of the wood to your main physical damage dealer, they are gonna deal a lot more of damage with totems, logs and also spears since their scaling is much higher than yours.

You can also (if you happen to have a big stock of herbs) make some healing dust so you are able to heal your team if they are killing your backline too fast.

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