Ruined King: A League of Legends Story – Temporary Fix (Swedish and Other Regions)

Game Not Working / Can’t Interact with Objects

If you are located in Sweden (and other regions) and are experiencing issues with playing Ruined King: A League of Legends Story, please try to change the regional format in Windows for a temporary fix while devs work to have a permanent fix.

This something being actively worked on and devs hope to have a fix very soon.

Note: Also it might not just be Swedish players, but also other regions/players that use AZERTY keyboards.


  1. I just experienced a gamebreaking bug. (Player from Germany, QWERTZ keyboard) Used mana potions out of fights and then the interface was missing/ movement was not possible anymore.
    I needed to end the game and it set me back approximately 5 fights.
    It was in the night where first enemies from the shadow isles (and the toxic fumes) appear. After the player saves some peoples lives in a room there.

    Did not have the issues with health potions 2 fights before.

  2. I have a problem with the keyboard. I am French, and I use AZERTY keyboard, When I want Q to qoing Left, the same letter is for the right. I Have to use the QWERTY, but it s not very well for me…

  3. QWERTZ keyboard user from germany here… i can’t move and can’t interact with anything and keys and mouse seam not to respond at different moment after the second “ghost battle” in the poison area effect… so… stuck.

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