RUINER – Level Skips

How to partly/entirely skip levels with the use of glitches. This makes the McFly Jacket much easier to obtain.

Creep’s Nest

In this level you can utilize a “gatelaunch” to skip all the way to the area boss Jurek.

  • It starts off with gaining height on the knocked over barrel
  • Then precision dashing up on the concrete divider
  • Then precision dashing over to the gate north of it
  • Once here you want to hit ‘E’ to attempt to hack the gate while you’re still in the air. You’ll want to intentionally fail the hack which sends you flying.
  • Once you’ve gained all the air from the gatelaunch, begin traversing to the north-west corner of the map and landing where the shotgun spawn is, before the boss fight.

The completion of the level with this skip takes around 1:30-2:00

Hanza Cargo

This skip turns the otherwise 7-10 minute level into a nice easy 2 minute completion. This will introduce you to “supplybumping” which is using the supply drop skill to push you onto terrain to gain height. For this skip you’ll want five dash charges equipped.

  • Call in a supply drop and wedge yourself between the chest and the supply drop (as shown in the video)
  • Now begins a series of precision dashes between various rails and boxes, refer to the video for the exact spots
  • Once on the pod elevator, you’ll need to time your dashes well in order to not run out of charges
  • On the regular elevator, try to time the ‘E’ press on the dash back, pressing it first chance you get will cause the elevator to rise before you land back on the railing, causing in turn you to dash into the wall, losing your height
  • The rest is precision dashes, again refer to the video

Hanza Transfer

This is like a shorter version of the Cargo skip.

  • Nothing special here really. Refer to the video for precise dashes
  • Well timed dashes are key
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