Rust – Beginners Guide

This guide was created, for new players of this beautiful game.

Guide for New Players

Note: Credit goes to Maple Leaf

Section 1: Farm Resources

Farming in games is usually called collecting in-game resources for further development. At the very beginning of the game Rust we need the primary resources: wood, stone, sulfur and metal ore, and resources from animals.

Section 2: Resources from Animals

Animals are found mostly near forests. If you can’t see the forest, go up higher and look around. If the forest is not visible in any way, press F1 and write kill in the console to make it appear somewhere else.

Sometimes it’s easier to kill yourself a few times to find a great place to live than to run around for twenty-four hours with no results.

So, we have found a habitat for the animals. Kill 3 animals with your roundhouse (Stone, selectable by pressing 1 in the context menu, see image below) and collect resources from the corpses (just keep hitting the body until the body disappears).

As a result, you should have enough tissue, bone fragments, fat, skulls and meat in your inventory after a successful animal hunt (press Tab to open your inventory). It is true that wolf meat, regardless of who is killed… But this will be fixed.

Keep in mind that it is better to hunt herbivores: deer and wild boar. Wolf and bear are dangerous and can bite to death.

Section 3: Resources


To extract wood, we need either a growing tree or a stack of logs lying on the ground. I recommend familiarizing yourself with the sources of resources, how they look like and where they are usually located.

So, to start we need to gather at least 250-300 trees, better yet, more – about 500-1000.


To get the stone we have to find the source of the stone. See how it looks like in the Resources – Resources.

You should gather some so that there is enough of it to satisfy the basic needs. The main stone axe (Stone Hatchet), which will be better to gather resources than the boulder (Rock). In the crafting menu it is in the section with the axe icon, which makes sense. When you make the axe, drag it from your inventory (Tab) to your belt and press the number you put the axe in.

There is an alternative development. We do not collect the stone, and look for more animals. Collect resources from them until you have 60 bone fragments, which is enough to make the Bone Knife. It makes mining a whole lot faster. It can be difficult to find so many peaceful animals.

In addition to stone and wood there are ores:

  • Iron, Sulfur.

We are looking for deposits of sulfur and metallic ores.

Collect as much as we can, the main thing is to fill the stove with the initial resources.

Section 4: Shelter, Stove, Hunting, and Other

Now we’re not exactly beginners anymore. We have starter resources in our pockets and a stone axe in our hands.

Excellent, now run to a safe place, preferably the mountains, the coast under the rocks, etc., in general, the places where they are unlikely to look. In the meantime, looking for a secluded spot, on the run kraftim 1-3 Furnace (Furnace) in the menu kraft, depending on how much stuff we have collected.

If we find a good place. There we will get the metal, sulfur, to produce gunpowder, armor and weapons!

What we need for this:

Set up our furnace(s), distribute resources equally in them, press E and open the furnace (Open Furnace). Drag our ores into it and leave 1 space for wood (Wood) and 1 for charcoal (Charcoal), that will be created by burning wood. We ignite it.

Now these furnaces melt Sulfur from Sulfur Ore, Metal Fragments from Metal Ore and Charcoal, which can be used with Sulfur to make Gun Powder! Feel like a gun baron?

While the good stuff is melting in the furnaces, you’ve got no time to waste, so go get the next batch of resources – wood and all kinds of ores!

Once you’ve got enough metal fragments, you can start making armor, weapons, and ammunition. Just don’t forget to hunt from time to time, because you’ll need Cloth, among other things.

Don’t forget about your stomach.

Hunting and harvesting resources makes you hungry. We have to eat! Raw meat is already in your pocket, the furnace is quietly crackling, melting metal and sulfur. You can, of course, eat it, but it will cause poisoning and not the fact that you stay alive.

Press Tab to exit the fire. Then press E again and then light the fire (select Ignite fire). Wait for the meat to cook. Once the meat is cooked (as the fire goes out), you can right click on it and eat it (Eat cooked meat).

And it would be nice to make 2-4 wooden boxes (Wood Storage Box) to store the accumulated. Put them somewhere near the secret place. And you can even in the bushes, because there box inconspicuous! But this is all temporary, later we will store valuable things in their home.

Perhaps I should say that at this stage it is better to put a sleeping bag (Sleeping Bag) next to the hiding place. About 100 meters away. Just in case there is a fire.

Section 5: Starting Base

When you have 2 or 3 stoves full, such as 5000 Wood, 2000 Metal Ore and 2000 Sulfur Ore in each, you can start building a base!


Building your first house in Rust

It’s time to decide where to build your first house in Rust. While we are looking for a place in the menu crafting order craft paper (Paper), hammer (Hummer), and after the paper building plan (Building Plan).

Now go to the inventory (Tab) and drag the left mouse button building plan and hammer all in the same shortcut belt in any of the free cells. I put the construction plan in cell #3, and the hammer in cell #2.

The construction plan in cell #3

Now select the construction plan with the number where it lies in the belt. By default, you can already put the foundation. First you put the project, then you select the hammer and hit the project until it turns into a foundation. To put a wall, you select the construction plan again and right-click. In the menu that appears, click on the element you want to put up.

Considering that you’ve killed animals more than once, you should have plenty of Cloth. That means you can create a Sleeping Bag before laying the foundation and place it on top of the house. Then place the foundation on top of the sleeping bag. This is a bug that works for now and makes your sleeping bag less vulnerable.

After placing the wall project on the edge of the foundation, also hit it with a hammer until the wall becomes a wall. Now there’s something to say about the upgrade system: if you keep hitting a building block (any), it will get better, first the 2nd level of wood wall, then another 2 levels of stone wall, and then another 2 levels of metal wall. But that’s for later, for now just put level 1.

Practice, there is nothing complicated about building. You just pick, put, beat, enjoy. You can knock down the wrong one with a cobblestone, any axe, a pickaxe… You just hit it and wait until the wall or whatever you put wrongly is gone.

Explore, evolve, protect your home, loot your neighbors, kill the especially edgy ones. All in all, this is Rust, baby! You can do anything here…

Section 6: Domination

And now that you have mastered this hell, you must fight as hard as you can to not only survive, but to thrive.

Keep increasing your base.

Upgrade your weapons and equipment.

Find comrades, one in the field is not a warrior. Show your strength, plunder someone else’s supplies and increase your territory.

Section 7: About the Study and the Study Table

Let’s start with the basics.

Study – Required in order to craft different items, weapons, armor

To learn an item requires “Learning Table”.

To make requires the presence of nearby:

  • 1st level workbench.
  • Crafting Time: 15 seconds – 1 minute.

For crafting requires materials, necessary resources:

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