Rust – Know Your Raiding Costs Checklist

Know Your Costs Checklist that shows raid costs, cheapest methods and effectiveness.

With Rust being consistently being updated their may be difference to Gun Damage, Explosive Damage, Item building/crafting costs and possibly new added content,so the guide will need to be updated.

Building & Basic Raid Costs

Cheapest Building & Basic Raid Costs

All Building & Basic Raid Costs

Construction & Items Raid Costs

Cheapest Construction & Items Raid Costs

All Construction & Items Raid Costs

Vehicles & Defences Raid Costs

Cheapest Vehicles & Defences Raid Costs

All Vehicles & Defences Raid Costs

Soft-side & Melee Raid Costs

Fastest Soft-side & Melee Raid Costs

All Soft-side & Melee Raid Costs

Raiding Resource Costs

All Raiding Resource Costs

Created by GARREEF

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