Rust – The Benefit of Getting Clatter Helmet for Free

The Benefit of Getting Clatter Helmet

First are you still a caveman? Did you not know you could get a Clatter Helmet for free? Wow. Your a noob or do not care enough about the game to get it! Either way don’t trip. Big JiLm got your back.

How to Get It!

  1. Own Rust.
  2. Go to the Steam Store and get Facepunch’s Clatter and download for free.
  3. Play 30 mins.
    • a) Legend says you can uninstall the game after, but never take it off of your inventory or you will loose the skin and never be able to get it back although this may just be an old wives tale. Not confirmed by me or anyone I know.
  4. Play Rust (DUH)
  5. Go back to Steam and look into your inventory. Even though your notifications will not show a new item, do an item search and search the term “Clatter Helmet” and you will have it in.

Congrats your the owner of your new secret prim game tool!

Why would you ever wanna look like a metal headed RtarT? Well because you can use it WITH a Santa Beard or Bandanna. AND it offers the EXACT protection of a bucket helmet with one distinct difference that is very important… no workbench needed!

What can this Clatter Helmet Do for you ? First and most important it protects your head dum dum. BUT it can look cool if your into metal head apparel. Also As you see in the pic there are flames that come off of the helmet. That means you will need to make a trade off. You can be seen easier in the dark. So your first thought may be “Oh Snap Son. If I get flames on my head I must get a warmth buff or be able to see like a candle hat with no low grade? … and you’d be abso-lutely INCORRECT! Ya Blew It! There is no such thing. At one time this was considered a pay-to-win ( no workbench ) pay-to-lose item. But in my educated opinion ( as a man with over 7k hrs ) I would say the benefit of not needing a workbench, and having all of that extra protection IS WELL worth it!

What Type Of Extra Protection Can It Offer? lucky for you all I will tell you JUST THAT!

Stats in Game for The Clatter Helmet:

  • Projectile 20 %
  • Melee 50 %
  • Bite 8 %
  • Radiation 4 %
  • Cold 6 %
  • Explosion 8 %


I would say if your looking for early wipe day advantages and you are not self conscious about your style, this is the thing for you.

If you have a metro-sexual fashion sense, and this is too “Mad Max” for you, then get a wolf helmet, which requires finding, and killing said wolf. If you are a vegan, then go grind the scrap to workbench a bucket helmet, or get clapped.

Either way, the best thing about Rust in general, is free will runs the day. AND YOU have your own choices to make.

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