Ryse: Son of Rome – Survival Stamina Tips

Stamina Tips

Important Rules

Don’t make quick killings. Make Only Executions. Only a execution gives you the bonus from the chosen god and you receive heal and focus (every god). From a quick killing you have nothing but a dead body (just a few heal to reset the dead counter of 10 seconds).

Use Your Gods Power!

Wihat god? Take Jupiter (bonus focus gain ONLY from executions not from a quick kill) and Apollo (bonus heal) as combo for beginner. Because both stun the enemies.

Your priority must be the most dangerous enemies. Here the order: Dual Clubs -> Dual Swords -> Heavy Club -> Advanced Shield -> Shield -> Animal Mask -> Advanced Minion -> Minion.

Take map Dockyard because it’s the only map that has no catapults or arrow throwers.

The fastest way to kill the first enemy is 3 times shield attack. The Shield is faster and stun for a few seconds with each hit. The sword requires 4 hits until you can make an execution.

Rules to Become a Great Gladiator

Some information is especially important for those who are starting in the game and even some more experienced. (Survival)

  • 1) As already stated in other sections of the guide choose your equipment according to your skills does not exceed its limits because it will cause you and your partner.
  • 2) During combat not only the attack is important, but especially the defense as this will ensure that your survivor extend, otherwise easy target, so learn to use your shield and bearing so using and enjoying your set of skills with these items to protect themselves from attacks of enemies.
  • 3) Always keep a stock of potions that helped you in your fight in the arena, choose those that best suit their skills, generally the rebirth of potions are a good choice.
  • 4) During the fight, keep a certain distance from your partner so that proximity does not interfere with play.
  • 5) Try to avoid attack an enemy being attacked by her partner, because besides interfering in his fight you will cause it to lose its combination, run the risk of being hit as it can be run depending on this to survive. Remember that co-op is what bonus won by one of the partners will serve for two (it is logical that in some extreme cases you might come to hurt this rule).
  • 6) Excess of double executions may cause runs out the enemies on the screen prompting some valuable seconds until they get more, thus avoid them in extreme situations, unless you are using the Apollo as it will fill the health bar of both.
  • 7) Combine with your partner (if possible) the position in the arena of each as this will make it easier to find enemies and find a partner if you need help.
  • 8) Make no mistake, the regeneration pillars will be useful in extreme situations, but what really keeps him alive are executions.
  • 9) Whenever saved by his partner and noted that there are enemies around, lift already using their focus as well protect your partner and yourself from being hit by them.
  • 10) There are arenas in which you’ll have to worry about anything but the enemy in close combat, such as archers and launchers arrows and catapults, delete them as soon as possible.
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