S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat – Faction Rank List

My ranking of the more know faction in stalker (there weapons, amount of people in them that you see during the game series, the ammo type, there armor, there health, etc). And also witch ones you should probably just kill for fun or for the loot.

Faction Rank

The Factions

  1. The Military

I put military before monolith because they have helicopters and they have loads of weapons they also have very good armor that can take a hit they have loads of members they have 5.56 weapons and they control most of the zone in SoC and in CoP you can join them in the end or you can be neutral towards them.

  1. Monolith

They have a lot of weapons and people they mostly have higher powered weapons like the asval, vss, svd, Item 62 (aka the guass riffle), RPGs, Aks, Groz, and shotguns. Usually when you fight them they come in 5-20 people per mission or outpost and they are hostile in every game except clear sky when you can chose to be neutral.

  1. Duty

Duty is made up of stalkers and loners that have higher equipment usually found with groz, and 5.56 weapon and they wear exosuits, merc suits that are red, and stalker rigs painted red they are a big faction that slowly die of until CoP where there a decently sized faction.

  1. Freedom

The freedom is basically the duty but in yellow and they use Svd, and svu more and they have a bit more power then the duty

  1. Loners

Loners aka stalkers can have anything usually find them in groups of 3 to even 1 they can be wearing merc suits, bandit clothing, and stalker gas mask and rig they can have any weapon accept PK,svd,gls,and rpgs apart from that ive found them with svus and other very good weapons.

  1. Mercenaries

You play as a merc in clear sky and you can fight the other mercs or be neutral but they have mostly 5.56 weapons and they have very high powered armor and a big numbers mostly found in outposts of 15 they can pack a punch when fighting they also can have armor piercing rounds.

  1. Ecologists

They are the scientists of the zone they don’t really have weapons and seem to wear cemsuits and closed cycled suits and lab coats you can make them be guarded by freedom or duty in CoP and in SoC you find them fighting back mercs and zombies.

  1. Bandits

They are basically stalkers but only have basic aks, shotguns, and pistols they only wear trench coats and they have small numbers they are usually found running around and doing what seems to be tasks for other stalkers or factions like in CoP snag highers them.

  1. Clear Sky

There basically mercs but more equip via weapon mods and almost every member has high powered armor and they a key part in S.T.A.L.K.E.R clear sky there are only little amount of them and they are ex military and ecologists.

  1. Renegades

I ranked them last because i don’t really like them they have decent weapons and armor such as aks, asval, svds, shotguns they also can have the mercenary suit and trench coat like stalkers but there maybe a bit more powerful when you find them in the red forest in clear sky they are mostly hostile towards the clear sky group.

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