Sailwind – How to Reach Oasis from Golden Rock City

Explains how to get to Oasis from Golden Rock City.


Step 1: Leave Golden Rock City and keep sailing north until Golden Rock City stays on your south and slightly east, as per picture 2 and as small as picture 2.

Note that, if you are at the right distance, based on camera tilt Golden Rock City should have disappeared from your view as picture 1.

But you can still see it by tilting camera as picture 2.

Another thing: due to winds (or due to imperfect steering when sleeping) if you are unable to go straight north then counter your ships movement the opposite direction to try and reach picture 2.

Step 2: When Golden Rock City is that small, and appears in that location (south and slightly east of you as per picture 2) only then, start looking the opposite direction (North).

Unless you are on top of Oasis, you will not be able to see Oasis.

Observe pictures 3 and 4 and understand the camera tilt you need (in the external ship view) and do the same so that you can actually SEE it (without being on top of it).

Created by murdockwan

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