Sakura Succubus – Achievements Guide

Easy guide for all achievements and most gallery pictures!

Achievements + CGIs

Path #1

Choose these options when the choice appears.

  • This is incredible
  • I’m afraid I like it a bit too much
  • You’re that cutie from yesterday
  • No, I don’t think you’re dirty
  • Accept Ayu’s apology
  • No, she looks incredible
  • Tell them both to let go
  • It’s unfair to cosmos
  • I wish Ayu wasn’t so rude

Path #2

  • This is taking things a bit too far
  • You’re a total stranger I don’t know you
  • You’re that pervert from yesterday
  • I don’t think you’re dirty, but it is sketchy
  • Scold Ayu for being so thoughtless
  • But I’ve seen better
  • Tell Ayu to let go
  • I guess it’s kind of impressive
  • I wish Cosmos would stop baiting Ayu
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