Samurai Gunn – Achievements Guide


This is a fully local multiplayer game and you need to know the start button of the second player which is V from your keyboard and the only one needed to enter the room and confirm the ready state. All achievements can be unlocked by actively using just the first player after the match starts.


Go to blue map levels and select Moat. Crouch in water until you die.

One With Water
You drowned

Also on the Moat map. Kill yourself there sometimes by crouching in water.

Dishonorable Death(s)
You display an affinity for offing yourself

If you jump and slice just as you’re about head level with an opponent, you decapitate the enemy.
You need 10 heads for two achievements.

No Mercy
The heads of five samurai hang at your belt

Ten Head Belt
No description

Go to where an enemy is and use your sword down to kill without moving.

Statue Stance
You dispose your foes without moving

Go to red map levels and select Tops. Destroy all the bamboo above the spikes. Bamboos will grow after a short time so you need to cut them all down with reasonable speed.

Dammit, Rami
Trying to break the game by destroying all the bamboo

Created by Wolveruno

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