Satellite Command – How to Skip the Intro Videos

How to skip the intro videos and load even faster.

Guide to Skip the Intro Videos


Took me less than 1 minute to do this for the first time…but I’ve been doing stuff like this for nearly every game I play regularly.

  1. Go to Steam > Library.
  2. Search for Satellite Command.
  3. Right click on the name in the list of games.
  4. A small menu should pop up, mouse over Manage > click on “Browse Local Files”.
  5. Within this folder structure, go to GESGame > Content > Movies.
  6. From here, rename the 3 video files. I just added “.original” on to the end of the file name (in my case, Windows prompted me to confirm changing file type from .mp4.

That is all it takes!

Created by Voltron

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