Satisfactory – How to Make a Fully Functional Railroad Crossing with Warning Lights

Keep your fellow pioneers safe at railroad crossings! This crossing design has working warning lights to let you know that a train is approaching!

Initial Setup Requirements

This is what you will start with. Both tracks on your rail line should be one foundation apart, and the road should be three foundations wide.

Place a slab of 1m foundations in a 3×5 area across the tracks. This will allow vehicles to cross the tracks without issue.

Keep in mind that the road and track positions to not need to be exactly like this, but this design is a good place to start and help you understand how it works.

How to Build It

Step 1: Remove two 1×5 strips of the road on the outer edges and the foundations underneath.

Step 2: Place a frame floor foundation 0.5 meters under the foundations that the tracks sit on. Fill both holes that you made in Step 1 with these foundations.

Step 3: Place a track section in the center of one of the frame foundations in the center of the main line.

Connect this track to the center of the frame foundation to the right or left of the main line. Then go to the other side and do the same thing.

You should end up with this.

Step 4: Add an extra track section on each end of both sections you added in Step 3. Where these sections go or how long they are does not matter, as long as they are hidden under the road surface and don’t cross any other train track, you will be fine.

Step 5: Place block signals where shown. Also, make sure that the blocks on the main line that lead up to the crossing are reasonably long, so the crossing can warn you in time.

Step 6: Replace the road surface…

…and add appropriate signage!

Working Example

Here’s a working example of one of these crossings in my factory:

All clear: Road traffic may proceed.

Train approaching on far track: Road traffic must stop.

Train passing on far track.

Train approaching on close track.

Train passing on close track.

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